What makes the rules and the background "official"? How sustainable is T9A?

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  • When the game "Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age" (T9A) initially appeared, some potential players hesitated to give it a try, because they were not sure how "official" the rules could be, or if the rules would be sustained in the long run.
    Well, here is the answer.

    The organization which makes the rules "official" is the project T9A itself.

    Inside the project, the rules are designed by a large team of experimented players, counting over a hundred of persons, each specialized in one particular aspect of the rules.
    They are all unpaid volunteers recruited among website members. When they join the team, their skills are evaluated in auxiliary positions until they gain the trust of the team and get assigned to various positions of greater responsibility. The process is designed so that not a single person may force any decision.
    The resulting rules belong intellectually to the project T9A, represented by its Executive Board.
    The whole process is descibed in detail here: New Process for Army Design and Balancing!

    Once getting ready to be published, the rules must be formally approved by T9A's Executive Board. This is the step which makes them "official".
    The official rules are the ones to be downloaded from The Rules.

    Rules used in independant events.
    Once released by T9A project, the rules may be adopted by tournaments. This makes them "official" for that tournament.
    ETC, the world's largest tournament for Fantasy Battles, adopted in 2016 our rules of the game Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age, without a single amendment.
    A very large number of tournaments in the whole world have adopted the very same rules for their main event, showing the great popularity of Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age.

    The same goes for the background, prepared by a smaller group of persons, recruited in a similar way.
    They are the ones who define, create and develop the "official" background of the game; we call that the "canon" background.
    This canon background belongs intellectually to the project T9A, represented by its Executive Board.
    The principles are approved by the Executive Board, which is also the body giving the final approval.
    The background becomes "official" as it is published.
    Once released, the background remains canon forever: History may move forwards, but decision has been taken that there will be no retcon.

    The background is to be found inside the Full Basic Rule Book - first edition before the end of 2016.
    Other sets of rules such as army books may contain various pieces of background. It is canon from the fact that it comes from official rules.

    Various comments on the website are not considered canon, even if made by one of the designers. Only the published background is canon.

    The project itself was created to be self-sustainable without limit.
    It depends on no particular individual, 100% of the team could change, and T9A would remain.
    Likewise, no need to earn a profit might ever justify the abandonment of the project or part of it.
    The strongest guarantee for the project to be sustained is the interest of all the team members: they all need the game to be sustained for as long as they play themselves.

    As long as there will be a Hobby community, T9A project will support it.

    Here is a longer argumentation about T9A being official and sustainable.
    The 9th Age: Project and Sustainability

    Are you convinced, now? Yes? Let's play!

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