Contact us, in the Age of Social Media

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  • There are various ways to contact the team or remain in touch.

    If you are registered as a member of T9A, you may start directly a conversation with any other member.

    Sometimes, you know which team you wish to contact, but you do not know who is the relevant person.
    There is a trick:
    Top right of your screen, click on "Members", then look in the middle top and click on "Staff Members".
    You will see the list of each group. Most often, there is a different tag for the team leader. Click on the name, and start a conversation.

    Alternatively, you can send us e-mails: and - to be used for anything official; the last one will be read by someone from the Executive Board.

    Also, you will find us on various Social Media.
    The 9th Age has a thriving community, with people from all over the world interacting with each other.
    You can follow 9th Age on Twitter and Facebook, and soon also on Instagram and YouTube, to further enrich your hobby experience.

    Stay up-to-date with the latest news from #T9A, be it community contests or crowdfunding campaigns by supporting companies.
    News can also be found on popular blogs like Bell of Lost Souls and Faeit 212.
    Or get in touch with the wide network of bloggers and podcasters that 9th Age is growing.

    We want the wargaming community closer together and social media allows us to do just that.
    Join 9th Age on social media and spread the word, because this a community-driven project and you can make a difference.

    Note: our enthusiastic supporters have opened T9A accounts in various languages, in particular on facebook.
    If you are more comfortable with one of these languages, you can of course use these accounts as an intermediate for a first contact. We will then figure out how to establish a better link.
    Even if they do not represent T9A officially, they provide a wonderful help.

    Stay in touch!

    Advisory Board

    Background Team

    Social Media Team

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