Join the team: The 9th Age needs YOU!

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  • You are enjoying the Hobby as aninated by T9A.
    Don't you feel that you could give back some of what you have received, and help new players to join the same Hobby?
    Or do you wish to be part of the team designing such nice stuff, and have fun with them?
    Do you have plenty of creativity and the urge to become useful?

    There are many ways to support the project!
    You are good at painting or web design? Great, we need it!
    You are good with languages? Great, we need that too!
    You are good at playing fantasy table top war games! Brilliant, we need a lot of play testing.
    Besides these talents in the direst demand, there are plenty of other teams specialized in various tasks.

    See a description of the so many ways to participate here:
    New Process for Army Design and Balancing!
    T9A internal organization for The Hobby Hub (TM)

    If you wish to join a team, the procedure is simple:
    Click on your avatar, top left of your screen.
    Then click on "User Groups".
    Find the group which represents best your talents. Apply for membership, detailing what you think you could bring to the team. Done!

    tiny wrote:

    General speaking an application should contain:
    - basic information about yourself and your background
    - your personal interest in supporting the project
    - the positions and kind of jobs your are interested to take on
    - the qualities you claim for yourself making you a good pick for the position(-s) in question
    - the time you think you will have available for the project in an average week.

    In the unlikely case you did not receive any reply within two weeks, that would mean that there is no hurry to fill positions in that particular group. In order to avoid such inconvenience, you are encouraged to apply for several groups. Note also that team leaders will naturally have a tendency to favor those individuals already known for good-spirited contributions in the forums.

    Beware, it can become quickly pretty addictive: most of our teams love so much what they do that they have a tendency to spend an unreasonable time with us!
    Once you will have joined a team, our Human Resources division will value your potential and your team spirit, and may determine if there would be other positions which would fit you better. Several of our team members started modestly, to see themselves propelled to decision boards!

    But first and foremost we need a strong community contributing to the 9th Age and playing the game we all love.
    So we are also thankful if you just spread the rules and convince your friends to give them a try. They are free to download!

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    Social Media Team

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