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  • You have been enjoying all the T9A goodies for free.
    Well, we may have very low costs, there are still some modest expenses to cover.
    We have some constant running costs, if only to be able to provide this webpage to you.

    To be precise:

    The domain: 12.87€ for 12 month
    Server/webspace: ~103€ per month
    DNS/CND-Service: 0€ per month
    1248.87€ every year

    Since the project has grown much faster than anticipated, we need to keep up with the ever increasing demand if we want to keep the quality of the product.

    We decided that we do not want to run any advertisement on this board.
    We used to have a donation page for the server, however, the money given to that donation so far is strictly used to keep the servers going and for the forum to be free of advertisements. Since we respect our donors, we do not intend to use money given for one purpose on something else.

    For that reason, we have now updated the donation process, so that it may cover all other expenses. These may be, but not limited to, the following:
    Test prints of army books, rule book and magic cards along with marketing material in general. It may also include promotion Material and expenses (including book at local games stores - and their preparation).

    We pledge to never use your donation for any personal enrichment, and we intend to report regularly about our expenses, for the sake of transparency and for your own information.

    We estimate that we need roughly 2000€/year.
    It would be nice if you could help us to cover those costs.

    EDIT: "donate button", look in the right column.
    Thank you for your Support!

    P.S. More about what we, as project, think of money can be found here:
    What do we think about money?

    Advisory Board

    RPG Coordinator

    Background Team

    Social Media Team

    Link with companies

    - contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves

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Comments 14

  • Calisson -

    Also, sorry for the inconvenience.
    People are working on a new website, which will look more professional.

  • Calisson -

    Please look at the line: "EDIT: "donate button", look in the right column."
    When you click in the link "donate button", it leads you to the appropriate page.

    And most importantly, thank you for your support!

  • Lord0fCha0s -

    Am I missing something? How do I donate?

  • Calisson -

    Thanks for your comment, @Uthegen. Edited with your suggestion.
    You might be interested to learn that there is a team working on an updated presentation for our website.
    The donation button should be more appealling.

  • Uthegen -

    Hi Calisson, the Donate Button in your post leads "only" to the donate button - which is quite different to the donate tab ( At the tab you also see the progress/missing money and the ones who donated a bit.
    The "blank" donate button is very unappealing, there is no indication that money is needed at all - which looks quite different at the donate tab which is still stuck at 20% (so 80% are missing).

  • Pellegrim -

    Found it! Still here, just a little different then before

  • Pellegrim -

    The donation page used to contain a "donations up until now list with all donations"

  • Calisson -

    Sorry, I don't understand the question. Could you provide a bit more detail of what is missing?

  • Pellegrim -

    Hey guys, where is the list of donations ytd? Used to be here. Very important for transparency reasons. Pelle

  • Calisson -

    Good point...
    Edited with link to - see bottom of the page.
    And... thank you!

  • Nicklz -

    Considered giving a few bucks but can't find a link where to do that, could you point me to it?