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  • This post is targeted at professionals who wonder if there is a possibility to establish some kind of partnership with T9A.

    Although T9A project is not making any profit itself, we fully understand the usefulness of having profitable companies providing players with everything they need!
    In particular, since the beginning, we looked for miniature companies who were able to provide the necessary models.

    In the very interest of the community of players, we are keen to establish some deeper cooperation with companies willing to support T9A.
    There is a caveat: we cannot become contracted partners; and we cannot be exclusive. T9A will not be affiliated with, associated with, or take part in any joint venture with any of the cooperating companies.
    We want no money from that cooperation, because the risk of altering the game in order to favor some partnership would be too high and would not be in the interest of the community of players,
    This said, it seems natural and mutually beneficial to help somehow those companies who decide to embrace T9A and make special efforts to support our game.

    Any company can join, not limited to miniature companies, as long as they propose a product or service useful to play Fantasy Battles, directly or indirectly. Any company can join, regardless whether there are already other companies offering similar products.

    If you would like to consider having your company providing support to T9A, here is what you need to read: T9A and Company Support

    We look forwards to reading your presentation mail!

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