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Masters Lists 1.0.0

Masters Lists
0 52

Essence of War - Battlefield Companion Alpha 1

for down-to-earth advanced EW players
0 184

Essence of War - First Clashes Alpha 1

the real minimum
0 210

Oceanborn 0.99.1

1 April 2016
0 63

Voyage autour de l'Abysse 1.0.0 High Resolution

Voyage autour de l'Abysse
1 216

Recueil de scénarios 2ed_beta2

De nouveaux scénarios de jeu pour plus de variété dans vos parties
0 44

Cartes de magie, en francais, version compacte 2023_beta1_FR5

Magic cards in French, colored version, compact PDF file
0 260

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L'âme de la guerre beta 2 draft

Essence of War, in French
0 728

Légions du Péché 2ed_2022_FR1

Un supplément pour le livre des Légions démoniaques
0 172

Legions of Sin - Spanish T9A-FB_2ed_Suppl_MS_2022_ES

Legions of Sin - Spanish
0 154

Legions of Sin FB_2ed_Suppl_MS_2022_EN

Mono sin Auxiliary armybook for DL
0 11,289

T9A: Fantasy Battles, illustrated rulesbook T9A-FB_FBRB_1_2023_EN

Rules, background and illustrations for The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles
2 +10 27,778

Blank Unit Entry for Homebrew 1.0.0

An empty template corresponding to a regular entry in a T9A army book. For homebrew purposes.
0 +2 234

Printer Friendly Flux Cards 1.0.0

Made in MS paint and Libre Office Writer. Icons and Imagery Borrowed from T9A icons
0 212

Magic Paths Icons and Logos 1.0.0

Magic Paths Icons and Logos
0 98


A 9th Age Background Supplement, focused on Orcs and Goblins
0 775

High Quality Army Logos 1.0.3

Vector files
0 +1 264

OnG Supplement: Here come the warborn Online

Here come the warborn
0 +2 2,022

Warriors of the Dark gods - papercraft patrol alpha

to play T9A you only need printer, scissors and glue!
0 300

Undying Dynasties - papercraft patrols 1.0.0

to play T9A you only need printer, scissors and glue!
0 332