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Army Builder 2.2c 0.205.0 BETA. Only for use with Army Builder 2.2c 2.2.0.EN50

Army Builder 2.2c data file. Includes all main armies + Askland Barbarians (WDG supplement army)
1 +5 25,841

Infernalische Zwerge 2021_DE_Beta3

Das deutsche Infernalische Zwerge 2021 beta3 Buch
0 2,317

Oger Khanate 2021_DE

Das deutsche Buch der Oger Khanate in der 2021 Version.
0 1,920

Düsterelfen 2021_DE_Alpha3

Dies ist das deutsche Buch der Düsterelfen in der Alpha3 2021 Version.
0 2,895

Hochgeborene Elfen 2021_DE

Das deutsche Hochgeborene Elfen Buch in der 2021 Version.
0 3,610

Bestienhorden Version 2021_DE

Das Bestienhorden 2021 Buch.
0 3,302

Community review - new layout for the OnG book 2ed_2021_EN1 WIP

Community review - new layout for the OnG book
0 +2 307

LaTeX sources for slim documents 2ed_2021_EN1

All the available LaTeX sources
0 +1 1,221

Compendio Arcano 2ed 2021 - ES2

Compendio Arcano para The 9th Age: Batallas Fantásticas
0 13,026

Spell cards update 2020_to_2021_beta2

Only spells updated between two versions
0 +2 485

Legioni Demoniache 2020

LD (DL) - 12/06/19
0 350

Guerrieri degli Dei oscuri 2020

GD (WDG) - 23/10/20
0 540

Legioni Demoniache - anteprima LAB 2020

Gli agenti infernali degli Dei oscuri sono in agguato, invisibili, dietro le più sottili barriere che separano il nostro mondo dal loro.
0 201

Guerrieri degli Dei oscuri - seconda anteprima LAB 2020

Ho percorso il Cammino, affrontato ogni sfida, ho imposto la mia volontà e ora sto di fronte ai miserabili schiavi di una mandria inferiore chiamata civiltà.
0 +1 105

Method to discern which Daemonic Legions unit is which for non-DL players 1.0.3

Using the little required T9A visual identification, document attempts to narrow down what Daemonic Legion units are based on what is required for DL to show on the model or in how they deploy or move.
1 +2 232

Daemonic Manifestations Simplified for non-Daemonic Legions Players 1.0.5

Cheat Sheet/Summary of DL Daemonic Manifestations. Doesn't replace reading the armybook for DL players, but for players that need only a general idea what their opponent's DL army this is a handy tool.
0 306

Imperium von Sonnstahl 1.1.1

​ Das deutsche Armeebuch des Imperiums von Sonnstahl in Version 2020 inklusive Balancepatch vom Dezember 2019
0 3,304

Universally Baffled Tourney Pack 1.0.0

Universally Baffled UK Tournament Pack
0 189

Bristol Art of War 3 Army Lists 1.0.0

Bristol Art of War 3 Army Lists
0 618

QS V2.0 Regular army lists (first draft) 1.1.0

QS V2.0 Regular army lists (first draft)
0 293