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License Agreement
The 9th Age License
This document is the Full version of the Warriors of the Dark Gods Legendary Army Book, in online quality.

What versions are available for LABs?

We deliver our Legendary Army books in several formats, to fit the best of your needs.

First, we have two document qualities:
- Online versions are PDF documents with a medium definition, designed to be lighter to download and view (notably on mobile devices). They are typically smaller than 10Mb.
- Print versions have a higher definition, but are also heavier to download and browse. You can use them if you want to print the documents with a better output. They weigh 50 to over 100Mb, depending on the document.

In addition, the contents of files varies a little bit a well:
- Full versions contain background about the army, as well as the whole army definition (rules, units, items, and points).
- "No points" versions have almost the same contents as full versions, but they do not contain pricing information (points). This means that they should not change with yearly balancing patches: you can print them with more confidence.
- Background-only version only contain the background of the army, but no gaming information.

The various versions of this WotDG Legendary Army Book are available here:

You can also find the rules-only version of the army (also known as "Slim Army Book") here:
  • Version 2023 V1.1

    - 11.92 MB - 1,053 times downloaded

    Here is the Version with the final 2023 Update.
  • Version 2023 V1

    - 20.78 MB - 53 times downloaded

    Here is the Version with the final 2023 Update.
  • Version 2020 v02

    - 10.67 MB - 11,633 times downloaded

    Fixed a couple of layout errors
  • Version 2020

    - 10.65 MB - 195 times downloaded