The 9th Scroll, issue #024, Nov-Dec 2020, low definition 1.0.0

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The 9th Scroll, new authors

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Game and community
5 An introduction to The 9th Age: Essence of War
7 Homebrew makers interviw
14 On the Road to Avras. Final episode
16 Fluff. Dearest Tristopher
17 Fluff. Ask the Sage

Battle report & tactica
19 Battle report. Essence of War. Ogre Khans vs Warriors of the Dark Gods
26 Tactica. Patience in T9A. A virtue or a sin?

31 Veil of the Ages interview

Army showcase
35 The Deamonic Host of Psilo Cybin

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RPG Coordinator

Background Team

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- contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves
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