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Infernal Dwarves Supplement Army Book

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License Agreement
The 9th Age License
To our mighty Overlord of Karutab, undisputed master of the lands, the Shah of Papak sends humble greetings. In accordance with his wise proclamations, we hereby disclose our forces under arms. As you shall see, the Shah is careful to keep within the limits justly prescribed to the Vassals of the Citadel of Karutab, whatever reports to the contrary may have been sent by troublemakers from other settlements.

Additionally, the Shah wishes to assure the generous Overlord, to whom his life is owed, that the Hobgoblins of Papak are utterly loyal. To be Hobgoblin is to be loyal. We have forsaken the treachery and cunning of our lesser brethren, and seek only to emulate the nobility and warrior spirit of the mighty Infernal people, though of course we are but the palest of imitations.
Hobgoblins is a Supplement Army Book based on the Infernal Dwarves army.
  • Baldin -

    Am I correct that there is no changelog in the book?