The 9th Scroll - Issue 26 - Low Quality 1.0.0

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The Rats’ adversaries have had a field day. Revenge is coming.

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The 9th Scroll is the free magazine published by The 9th Age team every second month. It contains articles about all matters related to our beloved hobby: interviews with staff members or with community members,painting demos or guides, hobby guides, rules variants, background sneak peeks, highlights of supporting companies…

You are currently viewing the issue number 26, published in June 2021.

This issue is also available in higher quality.


Game & Community
5 Background Team interview
9 Vermin Swarm Legendary Army Book Team interview
14 On the campaign trail
18 Comic. Under the montain. Episode 2
20 Fluff. Ask the Sage

Tournament Reports
23 Vermin Swarm playtest tournament
25 Memoirs of a reiter

Shops & Workshops
29 Two Idiots Printing Service interview
31 Press moulding tutorial

Hobby Corner
35 Sylvan Elves. 10mm diaries (part 2)
38 Dwarven Holds. The clan of the Great Bear King
42 The path of the painter
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