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License Agreement
The 9th Age License
Essence of War is the simplified T9A ruleset.
it can be played with 20 premade rosters called Patrols.
this document contains paper miniatures for 10 such patrols.
you can print these files on thick paper, and use scissors and glue to create a paper army.
the files include movement trays (to group warriors into regiments) and tokens (for spells and wounds).

the archive contains the following patrols, compatible with the Alpha2 version (june 2021) of EW:
:cultists: Cultists by Antohammer
:BH: Beast Herds by RHWorldbuilding
:EoS: Empire of Sonnstahl by RHWorldbuilding
:ID: Infernal Dwarves by RHWorldbuilding
:OK: Ogre Khans by RHWorldbuilding
:UD_bw: Undying Dynasties by Danila
:VC: Vampire Covenant by RHWorldbuilding
:VS: Vermin Swarm by Danila
:WDG_bw: Warriors of the Dark Gods by Antohammer
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