Warriors of the Dark Gods - Full book, high definition 2.0_EN1

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Warriors of the Dark Gods book, with background description and art

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The brand new army book for Infernal Dwarves is finally available, along with a small surprise! Remember that it is a beta version, and provide us your feedback!

License Agreement
The 9th Age License
Warriors of the Dark Gods Full Army Book.
Includes background description and art of the army and its units.
  • Version 2.0_EN1

    - 124.65 MB - 12,616 times downloaded

    Updated to version 2.0.
  • Version 0.204.2_EN2

    - 119.07 MB - 9,152 times downloaded

    Fixed typos.
  • Version 0.204.2_EN1

    - 127.63 MB - 931 times downloaded

    Upgraded to 0.204.2
  • saint_barbara -

    Please notice how many versions this file has :P
    You can more or less track the FAB development by downloading one of the previous versions.

    • tiny -

      Please add me (and other admins) as additional author. Thank you