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Slim Armybook: Orcs and Goblins

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Latest Slim armybook 2nd edition
  • Version 2023.4.0.0

    - 770.28 kB - 1,514 times downloaded

    Alpha 4
  • Version 2023.3.0

    - 747 kB - 2,502 times downloaded

    The lastest (August 2023) Version of the Slim Book
  • Version 2023.2.0

    - 749.22 kB - 1,930 times downloaded

    OnG Alpha 2 is
  • Version 2023.1.1

    - 748.85 kB - 2,523 times downloaded

    Here comes the may 2023 Hotfix for OnG.
  • Version 2023 alpha 1

    - 744.27 kB - 2,962 times downloaded

    Greetings fellow T9Aers,

    today is a Warborn Day!

    We're happy to unleash the first iteration of the Orcs and Goblins Armybook.

    The nomadic orc hordes, lead by their Warlords, showcase some of the concepts from the world of T9A: from the Brood concept, the family and fighting unit to which every orc belong and lead by a Brood alpha, to the old and grumpy Iron Orc Loners, the remnants of a brood and now a powerful solitary fighting beast looking for enlightment in battle (or death, so to say).

    From the carefully hidden Gardens of Earthly Delights, the Demagogues and Witches of the goblins bring to the tabletop new units, hidden infamous assassins, and sport new monsters and pets.

    As usual, this is an Alpha release. Things are going to change, thus we advice to be careful with your modelling activities.

    Our epic OnG ACS team will develop new tools for collecting your feedback, thus always pay attention to the OnG army subforum.

    Meanwhile, you can discuss the new book here (following the rules for every topic):

    ONG LAB ALPHA - feedback thread (NO DISCUSSION)

    ONG LAB ALPHA - discussion thread

    ONG LAB ALPHA - rules questions thread

    ONG LAB ALPHA - game reports and feedback thread

    ONG LAB ALPHA - lists thread

    Be constructive, be positive, give proper feedback, let's make the Warborn great again together.

  • Version 2023.2.2

    - 1 MB - 1,671 times downloaded

  • Version 2023.2.1

    - 1.01 MB - 1,373 times downloaded

  • Version 2023_beta2

    - 1.01 MB - 635 times downloaded

    2023 beta 2
    • Mikinok’s Totem streamlined
    • Crown of the Cavern King streamlined
    • Smash ’Em Flat streamlined
    • Pursuit Mode streamlined
    • Big Brother streamlined
  • Version 2023.2

    - 1.01 MB - 97 times downloaded

  • Version 2023_beta1_EN

    - 1 MB - 2,525 times downloaded