Spell cards, greyscale, with description beta2.1_EN4

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All spell cards needed in the game. Greyscale version, with description.

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All spell cards needed in the game. Greyscale version, with description.

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  • Version beta2.1_EN4

    - 17.39 MB - 2,711 times downloaded

    • Added hereditary spell for Cultists.
  • Version beta2.1_EN3

    - 17.2 MB - 77 times downloaded

    • Changed icons for Makhar and Asklanders H spells to the official ones.
    • Corrected the wording in several H spells and Runecraft.
  • Version beta2.1_EN2

    - 17.06 MB - 324 times downloaded

    • Removed buggy line on The Sacrifice
    • Corrected the wording of Whispers of the Veil bound spell
  • Version beta2.1_EN1

    - 17.07 MB - 73 times downloaded

    • Upgrade of spells to beta v2.1
      • Clarification/rewording for: Stars Align, Portent of Doom, Spirits of the Wood, Whispers of the Veil, TheSacrifice, Hand of Glory, Breath of Corruption, Cleansing Fire
      • Casting Values Update:
        • Cosmology, Altered Sight↘[-1]
        • Cosmology, Unity in Divergence↘[-1]
        • Divination, Unerring Strike↗[+2/+2]
        • Druidism, Stone Skin↗[+1/+1]
        • Evocation, Spectral Blades↗[+1/+0]
        • Occultism, Marked for Doom↗[+1]
        • Shamanism, Awaken the Beast↗[+1/+0]
        • Witchcraft, Bewitching Glare↘[-1/-1]
    • small update to [lexicon]UD[/lexicon] Hereditary
    • new cards for the 2 bound [lexicon]spells[/lexicon] that [lexicon]WDG[/lexicon] Dark Prelates get
    • new cards for Makhar and Asklander H [lexicon]spells[/lexicon]
  • Version 2.0_EN4

    - 16.09 MB - 1,019 times downloaded

    Small layout bug fix: the back of the cards are now centered on the page.
  • Version 2.0_EN3

    - 16.48 MB - 343 times downloaded

    Updated Daemon spells to the new beta book.
  • Version 2.0_EN2

    - 16.55 MB - 44 times downloaded

    Updated the logo on the back of the cards.
  • Version 2.0_EN1

    - 16.62 MB - 46 times downloaded

    Upgraded to 2.0 version.
  • Version 0.205.0_EN3

    - 16.65 MB - 142 times downloaded

    Updated Hereditary spells and Army specific bound spells.
  • Version 0.205.0_EN2

    - 16.64 MB - 119 times downloaded

    The last pages now contain spells #1 and attributes, for convenience of use for the Crown of the Wizard King and Protean Magic users.