Spell cards, greyscale, with description 2021_EN1

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All spell cards needed in the game. Greyscale version, with description.

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All spell cards needed in the game. Greyscale version, with description.

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  • Version 2021_EN1

    - 17.71 MB - 1,339 times downloaded

    • Correction of Totemic Summon (beast profile)
    • New spells for Dread Elves
    • New spells for The Vermin Swarm
    • Hereditary update for Infernal Dwarves
  • Version 2021_EN

    - 17.36 MB - 2,621 times downloaded

    Update to 2021 Gold version.
  • Version 2021_EN_beta1

    - 17.5 MB - 1,296 times downloaded

    • New DE Hereditary spell
    • Alchemy:
      • Silver Spike and Molten Copper, spell number exchanged
      • Silver Spike, Strength 3↗4, Multiple Wounds (D3) now only for the big hit.
    • Cosmology:
      • Altered Sight, Defensive Skill modifier removed, Offensive Skill modifier 1↗2
      • Unity in Divergence, Casting Value 10+↘9+
    • Divination
      • Portent of Doom, Range 18′′↗24′′, Casting Value 9+↘8+
    • Druidism
      • The Oaken Throne, no longer replicable and affects all friendly casters
    • Evocation:
      • Touch of the Reaper, boosted version Range 24′′↘18′′
      • Danse Macabre, boosted version Casting Value 10+↘9+
    • Occultism:
      • Pentagram of Pain, base version types Damage and Direct removed
      • Breath of Corruption, Casting Value 5+/8+↗6+/9+
    • Pyromancy:
      • Scorching Salvo and Cascading Fire, spell number exchanged
      • Cascading Fire, redesigned, is now an Hex with power proportional to target’s Armour
    • Shamanism:
      • Savage Fury Range 9′′/18′′↗12′′/24′′
      • Break the Spirit, base version Casting Value 8+↗9+
    • Thaumaturgy:
      • Speaking in Tongues, Casting Value 8+↘7+
    • Witchcraft:
      • Raven’s Wing Range 24′′↘18′′
      • Bewitching Glare, redesigned as the old DE Hereditary
  • Version 2020_EN3

    - 17.29 MB - 262 times downloaded

    Updates for the new Infernal Dwarves (beta 3 version):
    • Added new Hereditary Spell
    • Removed Lamassu specific cards, but all spells that can now be selected by the Lamassu are still on a single page.
  • Version 2ed_2020_EN2

    - 17.98 MB - 2,331 times downloaded

    Updated spells for the new Infernal Dwarves book:
    • New hereditary spell
    • New bound spell for the Golden Idol of Shamut
    • New cards for Lamassu spells: unboosted spells + dedicated back side that doesn't show the spell or path.
  • Version beta2.1_EN4

    - 17.39 MB - 3,295 times downloaded

    • Added hereditary spell for Cultists.
  • Version 0.204.1_EN2

    - 16.65 MB - 1,437 times downloaded

    Typos corrected in Breath of the Lady, Break the Spirit, Raven's Wing
    Added Focused to Favour of Meladys.