The 9th Scroll - Issue 7 - High definition 2.0.0

Bugman -

January 2018 edition of The 9th Scroll

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The 9th Scroll is the free magazine published by The 9th Age team every second month. It contains articles about all matters related to our beloved hobby: interviews with staff members or with community members, painting demos or guides, hobby guides, rules variants, background sneak peeks, highlights of supporting companies...

It is published in two versions, one geared towards online or mobile viewing (average quality, but smaller file size), and the other geared towards printing or viewing on high definition devices (higher quality).

You are currently viewing the high definition version of the issue published in January 2018, and you can find the lower quality file for this issue here:

This edition contains the following: - The largest most informative Fantasy Dwarf website on the net, covering every dwarfers needs from forum to tactics, balls to ships!

Advisory Board

Head of Public Relations

Bugmans Brewery Owner (Dwarven Holds)

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    Update includes correct order of pages and 2 news pages of background which got missed, sorry <X
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