T9A Scenario Supplement beta_2.0.1

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T9A Scenario Supplement

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License Agreement
The 9th Age License
T9A Scenario Supplement, a support booklet for adding more scenarios to your gaming!
  • Version beta_2.0.1

    - 991.98 kB - 3,497 times downloaded

    really minor details updated:
    • removed the changelog page as there is no changelog
    • some blue text was still there
    • space remove between a figure and the percent sign
  • Version beta_2.0

    - 993.37 kB - 348 times downloaded

    Now fully finalised, with all maps, and without blue text/change log!
  • Version 1.0.1

    - 1 MB - 767 times downloaded

    Updated WIP version.
  • Version 0.205.0

    - 1.23 MB - 2,655 times downloaded

    Alpha version of the document.