Spell cards update 2020_to_2021_beta2

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Only spells updated between two versions

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The 9th Age License
Spell cards for the spells that have been updated in the transition to beta2.1.
Colored versions only.
Professionally printed Magic cards

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  • Version 2020_to_2021_beta2

    - 5.93 MB - 80 times downloaded

    Update to (final?) version 2021.
  • Version 2020_to_2021_beta1

    - 5.59 MB - 174 times downloaded

    New document containing spells updated between mid 2020 and Jan 2021.

    • Most of the spells changed during the 2021 balance patch (casting value, a few redesigns)
    • New cards for ID Hereditary and DE Hereditary and bound spell
    • A few spells had their wording updated by the Rules Clarity Team.

    Spells included

    4_Silver Spike
    6_Molten Copper
    B_Volunds Blessing
    B_Drain Magic
    1_Altered Sight
    5_Unity in Divergence
    6_Portent of Doom
    0_The Oaken Throne
    5_Touch of the Reaper
    6_Danse Macabre
    B_Spear of Infinity
    H_Curse of Nezibkesh
    H_Curse of the Phantom Queen
    H_Favour of Meladys
    H_Spear of Infinity
    1_Pentagram of Pain
    4_Breath of Corruption
    2_Scorching Salvo
    5_Cascading Fire
    B_Rune of Revocation
    3_Savage Fury
    3_Speaking in Tongues
    1_Ravens Wing
    6_Bewitching Glare
    B_The Wheel Turns
    A_Death is Only the Beginning
    H_Death is Only the Beginning
  • Version beta2.1_EN2

    - 3.96 MB - 160 times downloaded

    Fixed the back sides of the cards
  • Version beta2.1_EN1

    - 3.96 MB - 83 times downloaded