Nippon army

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Models by titan forge
Painted by unlimitedcolors Poland

Comments 11

  • sheldan23 -

    I'm using them as Sylvan Elves. They work great. No little tree representation though.

  • joel127 -

    So you are not playing with the Nippon Homebrew rules?

    • Klexe -

      No I am not.

  • flo -

    O M G .....

  • Xargosh -

    I'm speechless...
    It's really awesome!

  • zqn365 -

    THats one impressive army right there!

    • Klexe -

      I know :) can't wait to field them

    • Skink -

      Actually, what are you going to field them as? EoS?

    • Klexe -

      @skink yes. EoS. No real alternative i guess. Perhaps VS could be possible too? Or chaos?

    • Skink -

      Well, I was asking because of the chariots & the Oni on a monstruous infantry base... Not so many opportunities to field those in an EoS army!!! Still, how about HE?

    • Klexe -

      The chariots are buff wagons for EoS.
      So they are used always.

      The monstrous stuff are unit fillers.