Infernal Dwarves of the Torture Valleys

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"My reverend lord, did you bring a straw? Or how on earth will you consume the blood with that nose ornament in the way?"

"I'll drink to that!"

Infernal Dwarves of the Torture Valleys

Fantasy moche Infernal Dwarves. Drawn for Uther the Unhinged's brainstorming concept of Andean Infernal Dwarves, to serve as the fallen cousins and hated neighbours of the Inca-based Dwarven Holds. Drawn with heavy inspirational reference from the masterful illustrator of Pre-Columbian tropical America: Coricancha. I warmly recommend everyone to check out his colourful high-quality gallery, where all artworks are based on scientific reconstructions of archaeological finds.

Nowadays I seldom draw detailed images as big as this one (which covers a whole A4 paper, much bigger than my usual doodles). This drawing served as a reminder why I avoid it, being a lot more short on time nowadays: It took over 25 hours of work, drawn in two full days straight. Better stick to smaller pieces to draw more concepts faster. Nevertheless, it was a fun chance to draw ancient Peruvian designs, tweaked and mixed for fantasy duty.

Album of reference images.