VC - Brotherhood of the Dragon Vampre

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Comments 12

  • piteglio -

    gorgeous! which miniature company makes this?

  • micdicdoc -

    If that armour doesn't provide an Aegis against Flaming Attacks, I would be asking for a refund(!)

    Great job, matey - looking fab! <3

    • Mad 'At -

      New avatar! Almost didn't recognise you at first :P
      Thanks for the comment! Haven't thought about any gear for him in battle, but I guess a Basalt Infusion would be fitting xD

    • micdicdoc -

      Hehe... The Christmas picture you made for me will ever remain a favourite - I'll put it out again once the festivities return ;)

  • JuhoL -

    Very cool! Are the wooden blanks in the backside of the shield freehanded?

    • Mad 'At -

      Yes, the backside of the shield is freehanded. Fairly quick to do but I think it really lifts a mini.

    • JuhoL -

      Well I'm asking because I recognized the shield from the insignia, but the freehand looks so damn good that I had to double check, almost like you can see the gap between blanks and the metal part of the shield. Seriously good!

  • Barax -

    Boom! Thats nice!