download the updated Arena!

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dear all,
i just uploaded the new version of the Arena to the TabletopSimulator workshop on Steam. it includes a new warrior: an Iron Orc Warlord with Omen and Destiny's, represented by a Shieldwolf miniature.

it also gave me the chance to update the "Patreon shrine" - that niche in the Arena with a floating card containing all of your names. the update was triggered by some more good news: a new friend just joined our team! thank you so much for supporting us, man! much much appreciated.

we will start the polls soon (for Aesthetes, Lanistae and Ambassadors) - but first we'll play a match tonight, on youtube, for the Arena World Cup. if you want to join us, just visit our youtube channel, subscribe, activate the notifications, and see you in a couple hours.