Heavy Infantry Battalion with Spears 2

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Pretty standard, really. 6th Edition starter units with spears. Some of them have fur coats though. I didn't want to give it to all of them because this is a low-tier unit and they should be a bit different from each other. Some of them were lucky to get fur coats, others not so much. The standard bearer has his own image and description.

Comments 3

  • grungimusic -

    Good paint job but that flag is a bit questionable, it's the equivalent of using a Nazi flag derivative and a bit insensitive to the tens of millions butchered under that terrible regime.

    • Hombre de Mundo -

      Well no, I would never post images of nazi flags here.

      ... Because those models are for my 40K DKOK army. And T9A is a fantasy game.


    • grungimusic -

      In the past, forum users have been forced to change avatars that vaguely resembled the Nazi flag. So the question is, if you did have a Nazi flag for one of your units and displayed it on these forums, would that get a pass? I suspect not, and so a Soviet flag should not either. I guess that will be up to the moderators.

      Were it my decision I would allow both, am not a fan of censorship. However, allowing Soviet imagery while prohibiting Nazi imagery is an implicit endorsement of the former, which any reasonable person should find abhorrent. If one is forbidden, so too should the other be, as they are roughly morally equivalent.