Heavy Infantry Battalion Unit Filler - Donkey

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Got the Donkey from The Assault Group (theassaultgroup-shop.co.uk/index.php?prod=943). A guitar cord acts as a rope and the annoyed face of the soldier makes it all come together quite nicely.

Comments 7

  • Taki -

    Do you know what line the Donkey is from?

  • Baranovich -

    So awesome to see other players who model pack mules and baggage trains. It really adds so much life to the game. Nice work!

    • Hombre de Mundo -

      I agree! It's a bit difficult for Empire to come up with other common unit fillers though. For armies like Undead, Skaven or O&G you can pretty much do whatever and it will work. Zombie Ogre? Go for it! A goblin jumping on a giant pumpkin? Sure! A clanrat crawling out from an underground pipe? Absolutely! For Empire though, you need something that'd make sense in a structured, close to real life army. Supply trains is one of the few things that will regularly work.

    • Baranovich -

      Exactly! All great ideas you have...I remember what first inspired me to start collecting Skaven. It was way back in like 6th or 7th Edition of WHFB. In a White Dwarf magazine they showed a photo of Skaven attacking a village, and there's some Skaven coming up out of a covered water well! I just thought that was the coolest thing I ever saw!

    • Hombre de Mundo -

      Did you end up making something like it? I've been collecting Skaven since the start of 6th but I took a long break to start Empire so I haven't made any unit fillers for them yet.

    • Baranovich -

      I never actually made that specifically, but it did inspire me to collect Skaven and make themed terrain for them. I do still want to go back and try something like that, wouldn't be too hard to do. I have plenty of 28mm village wells to use.