Sisters of Sacred Obedience

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  • Mr Rogers -

    Sisters of Sacred Obedience. With real life orders such as the Benedictine Nuns, Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of Saint Joseph to draw inspiration from, the name leaves a little to be desired.

    • Taki -

      It's one of the cardinal requirements of monastic orders, but if you don't like the name, you didn't have to bother to say anything. Take a long walk off a short pier buddy.

    • Mr Rogers -

      My apologies dear friend. Just with the sisters wearing corsets and chains, the name adds to a less than devout imagery. I was just thinking maybe Order of St. Gilles.

      In the end it is up to you how you want your nuns to be, so you do you. :)

    • Taki -

      Corsets and Chains? Implying thinly veiled sexual repression channeled through violence and blind obedient faith? I don't think that there is anything better to represent the dark ages than that. I don't play arthurian KoE, I play dark ages and crusader KoE; they're prefect for what I think of the setting.

    • Mr Naughty -

      Kinky. Nice!

    • Mr Rogers -

      Oh dear.