SoCal 9th Age 3-Round Tournament II

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Here are the match-ups, victory points and final rankings of our most recent, 16 man, 3 round tournament. We had 18 originally, but two dropped the day of.

The three rounds of scenarios were:
-Classic Deployment and the "Breakthrough" Scenario.
-Diagonal Deployment and the "Hold the Ground" Scenario.
-Flanked Deployment and the "Capture the Flags" Scenario.

A few personal take-aways:

*I loved seeing the variety in the top 5 and the spread of the field was decent over all. No armies truly dominated others and many games ended in ties or in fairly small margins of victory. Some armies who got crushed early on ended up crushing others later in the day.

*The cheese was very minimal. Most armies played to their strengths, but none of them were simply over-abusive lists. Maybe the closest of all to being remotely "cheese" was my all Cave Goblin army, but for Cave Goblins to have any chance at winning, they definitely have to bring their gnashers and fanati...I mean, cheese. ;)

*Players are coming back to the hobby with a vengeance and we hosted a few newer players as well! The community is happy and growing. Everyone I surveyed said they had a fantastic time and are loving their armies more than ever before. Not perfect, but loving them as they come along, no less!