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  • Bad -

    Liked Konrad von Richtmark’s post in the thread What are you working on, Marshals?.

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    I have not been idle either, just been unable to get my works photographed, as the lenses in my camera phone seem to have broken. It can still take photos, though nowhere near the quality expected of painted miniatures. A friend with a top-grade camera…
  • Lol Farmhouse Makeover the TV show I feel like owes me some money! Has my wife wanting to tear down walls, redo the whole house. I am surprised how much stuff costs now. Totally crazy
  • kisanis -

    Replied to the thread [Veil of the Ages] Kickstarter.

    Quote from Little Joe: “Going to pick up what I think is my boxes in half an hour! :D I have seen/demoed the box at SPIEL and it's a great box and already have one of each so ... :thumbsup: Quote from kisanis: “Got mine in the mail. just in time for our demo…
  • kisanis -

    Liked ForsetisMuse’s post in the thread Muses Gremlins.

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    Damn time flies and so does my pigs... Where to catch up, I am alllllllmost done with my orc unit now. 37690-fe0c7471-large.jpg 37688-09887d15-large.jpg 37687-ec2798a3-large.jpg 37686-71ffd84a-large.jpg 37685-935ec2b1-large.jpg I also finished up…