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  • Bartas -

    Replied to the thread VS LAB Alpha Rules Queries.

    Hi, sorry if that question had been asked, but I didn't found it. How does Cult of Errahman rule count vs. rerolls to hit or multiple attacks? "Whenever a natural ‘1’ is rolled to hit for a Close Combat Attack allocated towards a model with Cult of…
  • Ulthred -

    Liked JS McGordon’s post in the thread McGordon's Hobgoblin Horde.

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    I've chosen to start my 9th Age journey by the way of the Hobgoblins. As a way to keep myself motivated I thought I might as well post my progress here, as slow or fast as it may be. Seeing as it is quite easy to proquire the Age of Sigmar Hobgrotz the…
  • Crazydwarf -

    Replied to the thread ID General Chat.

    Quote from Peacemaker: “So is this gold or is there another update slated? I've heard conflicting reports on this. I hope their is another update to address some of the dead entry's. Kinda baffled as to why they weren't addressed with this update…
  • Peacemaker -

    Replied to the thread BH LAB Brainstorming.

    I think many of us liked that idea of BH getting -1 to wound on most units as an AWSR. A few units being not having the rule such as Mongrels, Razortusk herds, Feral hounds. And then other units might need Resiliance reduction from current to compensate…
  • xaby86 -

    Liked arwaker’s post in the thread VS LAB Alpha Discussions.

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    I'd like to come back to this topic some posts before: What's wrong with "Without Number"? I don't know hard numbers, but just from reading forum it doesn't seem to be that attractive. The problem of point granularity is that we can't make it cheaper…
  • Estebanvol -

    Replied to the thread 3 Things 2021 edition - ID discussion.

    Instruments of Destruction cap from 25% to 30% Points decrease to Immortals and Lugars
  • xaby86 -

    Liked Hombre de Mundo’s post in the thread VS LAB Alpha Discussions.

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    Quote from rolan: “I have yet to find a player who tells me the 16 slim books were too similiar to each other. ” Perhaps not quite, but I know for a fact that there are/were players who thought the army identities didn't match their playstyle. Like, it
  • Kdownunder -

    Replied to the thread Pics of my ever expanding warriors army + List musings & battle pics.

    Yeah I bet it is and think I try it at some point. Paired Weapon warriors are also interesting, they are just one buff away of destroying almost anything. Just recently played 17 with S&B and 18 with PW. Sword & Board ones were evenly fighting w/ TG…