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  • Peacemaker -

    Replied to the thread KoE LAB: Ideas for rules and mechanics.

    Idea for peasants Levy and Bows: Cheap Banner that lets you place down the Wall of Stakes. Probably a 0-3 limit. Peasant only. This lets the unit get some movement. And it's also optional. And it helps the levy unit hold a bit better. Special Rule: For…
  • bluntpencil2001 -

    Replied to the thread KoE Unit/Model ideas for LAB.

    I must admit that I like the Hippogriff Knights as seen in Warhammer: Total War. They're cool, and could easily be the KoE answer to Sonnstahl equivalents. Possibly make the mounts Frenzied once in combat, to make them less reliable than Pegasi for…
  • Noldor -

    Replied to the thread HE General and News - Discussion.

    Quote from Peacemaker: “All we'll get right now is points adjustments, maybe some item tweaks if y'all present a solid case as to why the item desperately needs to be changed. If you guys really want to fix HBE book I think the best solution would be…
  • MountainBuns -

    Liked wombat’s post in the thread Feedback SA 2021 Update Feedback - 3 Things.

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    As to the 4 Questions..... 1) Carnosaur. Myself I would not reduce cost. What I would do is decrease the cost of the Warlord and Veteran . The idea being to reduce the Ridden model by X pts and at same time encourage the use of Warlord and Veteran on…
  • Vidi51 -

    Replied to the thread DL Rules Questions and Answers.

    thank you for the answer Eisen!
  • Promet -

    Replied to the thread da_griech's painting league 2021.

    lovely. Please dont stop panting.
  • Vidi51 -

    Liked Eisenheinrich’s post in the thread DL Rules Questions and Answers.

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    Quote from Vidi51: “Hello, Maw of akaan when he reaches 18 lives he explodes, but if he has injuries on his profile he still explodes? the rule says that he gains lives that is different from being cured ” The model starts the game with 9 health…
  • Cuendae -

    Replied to the thread Feedback SA 2021 Update Feedback - 3 Things.

    Quote from wombat: “Quote from Cuendae: “Maybe lets gather all ideas into a poll and check Which options will be most approved by SA community ” NO, NO, NO....... I have stated before.... SA polls just don't work, it is due to these historic polls that…