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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • SmithF -

    Replied to the thread DE LAB Tuesday Sneak Peaks & Teaser Roundup.

    Fair enough. Ultimately it will be a matter of taste. Now is there a Question for the Q&A in that next post of yours? It can be a doom and gloom one, after all it's still Halloween in some parts of the world. ;)
  • LordNelson -

    Liked Grubenarbeiter’s post in the thread Are the armies restricted to the respective races?.

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    Thanks for all the answers. What I read already before is, that there are no rules which miniatures to take for which army. I have an idea for an army theme but it does not fit the race. I would like to play wood elves because of their playstyle. But I…
  • Girien -

    Replied to the thread DE LAB Tuesday Sneak Peaks & Teaser Roundup.

    all the spoilers so far have been one disappointment after another, and they always say "wait to see the complete book", you are running out of entries and things are getting worse (and there are the cows to lower the bar)
  • Marcos24 -

    Liked skipschnit’s post in the thread DE LAB Tuesday Sneak Peaks & Teaser Roundup.

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    Quote from Girien: “Quote from Boomvalk: “No posts after 7h of not checking this thread? Do all trolls have family to attend to on saturday? ;) So how about thy Halloween spoiler? Darksky dressed-up as a Harpy while releasing the spoiler maybe? Or Girien…
  • piteglio -

    Liked Peacemaker’s post in the thread Gnobler November.

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    GNOBLER NOVEMER!!! You guys know what to do! This is a gnobler from the snotling bloodbowl team. He has a throwing weapon just like in the Ogre Khans rules for gnoblers!
  • Bulls Eye -

    Liked Sparkutas’s post in the thread HE General and News - Discussion.

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    I just switched armies and read few pages of HE forum and I cant understand this flame on the Honours. Whats wrong with Order of fiery heart, for merely 15 points it gives access to 4th magic and it even does something else. Whats wrong with Queens…