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  • AxelVicious -

    Replied to the thread 3 things, 2021 - BH discussion thread.

    Here's my three changes that i'd like to see happen: 1) Longhorn, cost per additional model is insanely high for what they are, i'd like to see it come down a bit to make bigger blocks more appealing. 2) Gortach, cost needs to be reduced a bit IMHO,…
  • Tyranno -

    Liked Elpeji’s post in the thread ID General Chat.

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    Once again, too much negativity push me (and for sure some other players) to leave this discussion.
  • CasimirtheSwede -

    Liked Kyrys’s post in the thread 3 things for the 2022 update - UD community discussion.

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    Quote from WoeRie: “I never played a team tournament, but on singles there is always a paper, stone or scissor killing my army. I have big problems with MSU, but there are other armies I think I have a clear advantage (e.g.: OnG) against. So, I think we…
  • The Unmarked -

    Replied to the thread VS Lab Callous Survey and Discussion.

    Seriously, what's the alternative to Callous? 24" to 36" range on all shooting weapons? What are we, Dwarves? Humans? Wouldn't feel right, imo. I think hits should randomize to enemies on a 3+ again.
  • Superorko -

    Replied to the thread TOE AGUILAS.

    Varega ha pagado toe
  • CasimirtheSwede -

    Liked The Unmarked’s post in the thread VS LAB Alpha Discussions.

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    Quote from Baldin: “I can tell you my 40 bodies per unit of common goblins lost half of their unit to a volley of 4 rotary guns :p ” So Trial and Terror from close range, rolling above average for number of hits, rolling above average on the to-hit…
  • mrZombi -

    Liked Gingersmali’s post in the thread 3 concerns for RT, just a bit different.

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    I think the foot IO warlord could definitely come down In price and the boar mount could go up. comparing boar to say SA raptor the boar looks like a really good deal thought they are differences. Tbh I think their a lot of tweaks that could be done the…
  • Babnik Kalenina -

    Replied to the thread Models for the Kingdom of Equitaine.

    LOL Do you want me to post here your email when I asked you to replace the flawed and broken pieces of my first order with you? Despite disgusting quality of product and services, I decided to you give another chance because I believe that 9th Age
  • Dr. Geezer -

    Replied to the thread 3 things 2021 Edition - WDG discussion.

    1. Points drops on certain underused marks. 2. Cheaper CK. 3. Point drops for mounts Behemoths, Dragons, Wheels, Black steed. Extra: Hellmaw either cheaper price or cheaper Gateways I think its a unique unit with unique mechanics and its a shame that…
  • Shino -

    Replied to the thread ID General Chat.

    Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from Shino: “well. due to static buff of seat it has practicaly always 18" move also access to witchcraft buffs it to 20" if needed quite easily ” Conditional, conditional, still not good for 200pts from special. ” while
  • Firthunands91 -

    Replied to the thread 3 things 2021 edition - DH discussion.

    :homeage: <------- Magua