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  • Arkalak -

    Replied to the thread my army to help illustrate the LAB.

    good to read this. I'll try to make some good pictures of the whole army units by units on a table. Come close
  • Wesser -

    Liked wombat’s post in the thread The 11th Crippling Rides 9 UB Tournament - Gone TK!.

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    Quote from ilovepeanut: “Quote from heliconid: “What I am saying is that by using a word like 'crippling', or any derivative, we are not actually leaving our political views at the door, that's the issue here. That is why I want to change the…
  • Kratos -

    Liked Sir_Sully’s post in the thread Lance Formation Poll and Discussion.

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    Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “...which can be done without changing the fundamentals of the army (I.e lance formation). ” I think that I disagree with you there. If I'm proven wrong then great, but I don't think I will be.
  • Hombre de Mundo -

    Liked JimMorr’s post in the thread VS LAB Mechanics Phase Update 7.

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    Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “Does this account for distributing half the wounds onto other friendly units? So, D3 hits per mishap means 66% for one self-hit (1-4) and 33% chance for two self-hits (5-6). ” Yes. Going into the details for 3-strong…
  • Mirdhynn -

    Replied to the thread What are you working on, Marshals?.

    Already ordered there and received miniatures :) Lockdown + snowstorm on Spain should explain delays (I hope :P )
  • GorillaConda -

    Replied to the thread WDG 2021 ACS release notes.

    Doomlord is way overpriced. Chaos characters are for the most part overpriced. The naked sorcerer is really the only option. Too bad you are forced to take a general it’s just free victory points if the unit he is in gets engaged. If barbarian chiefs…
  • Iluvatar -

    Replied to the thread UD 2021 Update Feedback - 3 Things.

    Quote from Folomo: “There are currently 6 armies in dire need of a LAB in my estimation (BH, DH, SA, SE, UD, VC). There are 3 LABs announced per year at the current pace. So on average UD should be announced in around a year. UD and SE have the…
  • -

    Replied to the thread Hobgoblin auxiliary book.

    Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from DarkSky: “ ” So yes they can interbreed, but unlikely as they hate each other. ” Well... This is a world wide Marriage trend.. But ofc humans and Hobgoblins are different
  • Villon -

    Replied to the thread European Teams Championships - 6/8 August 2021.

    Donated just because i hope this can come back next year <3 But for this year was the wise decission possible.
  • Little Joe -

    Replied to the thread Models for the Beast Herds.

    It should for sure, thanks for sharing!
  • Little Joe -

    Liked MrPieChee’s post in the thread Models for the Beast Herds.

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    Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “The company RGD launched their Kickstarter of 28mm Hard Plastic Satyr and Scythians. The formers can be great for Beast Herd and the latter for the Makhar!…stic-satyrs-and-scythians
  • Little Joe -

    Liked Marcos24’s post in the thread Models for the Infernal Dwarves.

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    Since I posted in the wrong thread here it is in the models thread ;) Quote from Marcos24: “Hey fellas, here's a WIP preview of an upcoming unit for the new supplement, details are subject to change depending on how the units come out, but here's a…