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  • Arturiki -

    Replied to the thread ID General Chat.

  • Tsagadai -

    Liked Just_Flo’s post in the thread ID General Chat.

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    I want to thank both @WhammeWhamme and @Tyranno for their neverending explaining and feedback collection. I will see if when the scope for the first update has been decided that can be shared with you all. Regarding the warmachine hunting I have my own…
  • RobertR -

    Replied to the thread Do shooty Ogre List work?.

    I've tried a couple of shooty things. I think double scratapult is great. If you have a pyro mage you can give them flaming swords as well, this makes them pretty strong. They're pretty cheap as well. I think the cannon is basically useless for anything…
  • norgo21 -

    Liked Litoperez’s post in the thread Undying Dynasties 2.2 Discussion Thread.

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    Quote from Folomo: “I must say I am a bit worried about the last DE announcement: All units will have +1 to wound. Combined with the +1 to hit from LR and Agi 5+, it seems that our monsters will be pretty much useless against them. Not OP or broken, but…
  • Arrahed -

    Liked Masamune88’s post in the thread Feedback HE Community feedback on the Infernal Dwarves Beta Slimbook.

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    @WhammeWhamme I know. I've tried to curtail my shock at the combos as I can see some cracks in the armour (per se) but as an elf main, there definitely is quite a lot to look at and despair. The ID main weakness seems to be heavy combat units hitting…
  • Remy77077 -

    Liked Chronocide’s post in the thread Updated lexicons.

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    PC is up and running again. Created Index IDU and Index IDR Should get those updated ASAP. I know, beta stuff, but it also means that even if they are out of date, they at least will be out of date as of the beta of the current book rather than last…