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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Hi @Ghiznuk and @Calisson this is in the hands of the background and art team. I can have all sorts of ideas for how we could incorporate it but whether I can use any of it is really not for me to decide. @Scottish Knight @Niedfaru and @WhammeWhamme are the guys to go to

  • It looks absolutely stunning!!!! Great work

  • Consider that we are in a period of transformation. We have spent a huge amount of energy in building the 2.0 rules and updating all armies for it. The frequent updates and public playtesting required people to frequently go to the forum. This process generated a lot of visits/views but was prohibitive to new players and existing players who simply stopped playing as they couldn’t keep up with the rules. Following the end of that last year, quite a bit of staff needed a pause before taking on he…

  • Quote from Tyranno: “God dammit Eldran! Why did you have to ask for that!? Now I gotta stare at it again and it always puts me to... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ” At least I didn’t post the full 20+ page process guideline

  • Quote from Eldan: “I mean, I'd think transparency about the design process would mean a bit more than just "more tournament data". Even if that seems to be all every discussion ever ends up as. Tournaments, tournaments, tournaments. ” Quote from Windelov: “Hi all, The PRO optimization team produced this massive Legendary Army Book Design Process for how to produce new Legendary Army Books (LABs, new name of FABs). The goal was to produce LABs at a faster pace, while maintaining quality. The curr…

  • Main message: Please please, Come join us and help out. We desperately need good people. Next, a comment to the title of the thread... I have three (small) kids. I have a super demanding real life job, and we are expanding the house. I check social medias ones a week if at all, and I spend 10 minutes a week reading posts on 9th age not strictly needed for my role. Should I prioritize differently.... Or what is it you are complaining about.....? This is what I have done on 9th age the last few da…

  • Purely hypothetical, Knowing that setting set timelines may impose delays on release as you would add buffer, would having something like the below be of interest? E.g. if we said for the ID Legendary Army book, currently in the works, that we hypothetically were targetting the public beta in Feb-March and Gold LAB release in the september slot. Still with the risk of delays The alternative, is that we dont give dates but just complete as fast as possible (which is probably faster). 2ynnxhy.png

  • But the website, as with everything else, will probably have flaws and sub-optimal designs that we will only learn about after launch. No offense intended to the great talented people designing it but this always happens Why not just release it now and fix the bugs to be ready for a fully functional version with the quickstarter launch? Current process seems awfully complicated

  • “Taking off my 9th age staff hat and taking on my business strategy hat speaking as an individual” The game is not for beginners due to multiple factors: - game complexity and amount of rules - cost to buy models and associated gear - time commitment to build up and paint one army We are the gaming system sought out by veterans who have grown tired of the rule loop holes and ever changing buy-to-win meta of commercial games. By far the majority of our community members will have played table top…

  • @piteglio So just to remind us, what is the stretch goal needed for Misty?

  • Stretch goals... stretch goals... stretch goals!!!

  • Done 100% funded! Congrats F!

  • I have painted my dryads. I hope you like them. I am playing with my friend today. It is our first game with my own models. dryads.gif image1.jpg image2.jpg

  • Quote from Hoffa: “Great initiative! @Windelov Link in your post does not work for me, clicking it only makes the video disappear. ” Better now?

  • Dear all, Think about all the good times you have had playing, painting, collecting and discussion tabletop gaming. There is something intrinsically rich and rewarding to this hobby! I am grateful for the persons who introduced me to it at age 10, and hadn't it been for their patience explaining the rules and willingly let me play with their beautiful painted miniatures back then, I would probably have missed out on this great hobby. I think most of share similar experiences as this is an expens…

  • Hi F, Okay this was a bit tedious but done in the below. My suggestions was actually to translate the scenarios, rules and model cards. If you sent me those, I can translate them ASAP Quote from piteglio: “thanks LJ! i mixed things that way, so if you listen to it with headphones, you have the impression you have the two speakers sitting to your two sides, showing you the game. alright, so since not much feedback came in, i went on and subtitled it all, in various languages. english and italian …

  • [Veil of the Ages] Kickstarter

    Windelov - - Company Showcase


    Great pictures from Modena! I really admire the project and pledged for there boxes (although i dont really know who for):-) With the slightly sluggish funding, should we consider creating awareness and accessibility closer to the target user? I guess you already have a customer profile set up, so please correct me here, but I anticipate the target audience will be children age 8-12. How much do they buy through kickstarters, follow the 9th age, order things way in advance and are they able to c…

  • Hi My name is Alexander. I am 8 years and have painted my first big tabletop miniature. k98hte.jpg I am also painting dryads. I will show them when done.

  • @piteglio just to make sure I understand this correctly, if I pledge for multiple boxes they will all be identical right (ie no option for selecting different content, expansions etc)?

  • Quote from piteglio: “definitely! the print-at-home versions will be translated at least into italian, french, spanish, german and polish. of course, any help from the community to finetune these translations (or to add more languages) will be much much appreciated! as always, it's a matter of how much support we get during the campaign, so we can strike a good deal with Ghiznuk and the others ; ) ” I can translate into danish, small but very active country in the 9th age