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  • @Grouchy Badger if you play Relic inside Forlorns you loose the +2 adv vs fear sadly. So you play them 7 wide 24models? That is 4/5/5/7/2 Forlorns models. Bsb and Relic first and first three ranks. If you get charged you fight with 22 Forlorns and 3 Bsb av = 25 with spears. If you use greatswords most of the time they are better 5+5+5 = 18 av s6. How do you get 26 av? If you count Relic sure but Mmh Meh? Never thought going wider because I use them as anvil/ blocker Need to give them next time s…

  • Quote from Porw: “That's a terrible idea...why don't you use modern troops as heavy infantry, at least they are wearing body armour & helmets or use space marines as imperial guard. ” If he wants too? Why not.... Sometimes I wish the dislike button back

  • Nope 24 forlorn and Relic cost 790. Bsb is good but not needed with Bsb it is +300 so yeah 1000 points. Imo buffs for grail and normal Oath heroes shouldn't be Lance only as the Lance is for characters a bad weapon. We don't need better charging dmg. That we already have and might divine judgement is already extrem good. It needs to be good for grinding

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Nur gehen z.B. Freundschaftsspiele (was man als Testspiele ansehen kann) im Fussball ebenso ins Fifaranking ein. Für meine Begriffe ist, wenn hier differenziert wird, für ein Eloranking ” Lol?... wie kommst du denn darauf?

  • Elves hiting before us isnt really a problem imo. Grails hit before elves or at the same time. Last charge Divination Trebuchets (lul at elven block ) Flanking (no stubborn) Forlorns agi 5 if charging. Forlorns agi 6 if beeing charged (hitting always at the same time)

  • Quote from logick: “It would be nice if MIGHT doesn't apply only on lance. Because you can't play it with other weapons and it's quite a pity/shame. A small modification to it like if lance -> keep it like this, if not lance -> we could remove the devastating charge +1 charge +1 ap. (Or keep it) ” I think so too. All weapons First turn only. No +1s/+1ap. Only devastating charge effect is +1AV. It will still be used with lance because of divine judgement

  • Quote from Muffin: “I have a quick question, I am trying to build a kind of more historical EoS army rather than a fantasy one and I decided to use models more from the 19th century (so Napoleanic wars) rather than 18th or 17th which would fit more into the classical Empire range that we are also used from GW. Now in general, does anyone has an idea if this would be frowned upon a little bit? I am thinking about using these kind of models: 302012501-Prussian-Landwehr-Regiment-_1813-1815_-02_gran…

  • Quote from Durin Eisenfuss: “@Klexe Willst du nur ein Spass Game? Du hattest "Ich will nächstes mal was komplett NOCH nie da gewesen testen" geschrieben. Ich hätte da auch noch ein Experiment vor. Sag an. 16:00 steht. ” Wenn ich entscheiden darf lieber normal. Meine spaß liste will ich gegen meinen bruder zuerst testen

  • My thoughts behind virtues: 1. Virtue of Might is FINE! It doesnt need to be nerfed the power level is decent. A charge only effect is good. It is good vs everything (even rank and file by removing up to 10 models) thanks to fortress of faith (which is also fine) and s7 is very good vs monsters. This enabes divine judgment which then even furhter helps vs monster any kind. It is our answer to unbreakable things like Stank. - The only change i could see would be: Remove +1s and +1 ap (+1av stays)…

  • Quote from Duke Niemar: “Dominant is whatever really, limiting 2+/2+ with a 4+ aegis immune to divine is fair. Making it unavailable to towering is what makes no sense to me. Also making it dominant while both reroll armor and the +1 aegis armor are both just that, armor, you cannot combine them anyway... It is stupid. If it is supposed to be dominant, make it a shield upgrade so it at least makes some sort of sense. Doesn't feel like the designers really have thought this through. ” ? it is an …

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Klexe vs. Traumdieb 4:16 Schön, wenn ein Gegner auch mal mit 666 Misscast seine Magierin killt. ” Ich dachte du machst keine liga mehr. weird

  • Quote from Durin Eisenfuss: “Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Durin Eisenfuss: “Quote from Klexe: “Freitag kann ich ” Hast du Lust? Sag ne Zeit. ” Kann theoretisch ab 15.30 ” sagen wir 16:00, das schaffe ich sicher. ” Also diesen freitag 16.00 Sry @Traumdieb aber da kann ich einfach nichtmal 1% nachvollziehen. Wenn ich also mein erstes spiel gegen einen freund spiele der komplett neu ist... soll es gleich liga sein? das ist einfahc käse. Wie gestern schon gesagt. In jeder sportart gibt es neben lig…

  • Hell thinking about it... i have ZERO idea which combo could be good on a grail oath hippo with 2+/2+ and immune to divine you pay 170 for that... are weak to fire still... tristran could be good: nope no points well then lance and supernatural dexterity at least you hit on 2+ almost anythign with OWS 9and agi8..... and round 2 you suck:D Claymore would be nice.... nope sry only questing oath

  • KoE Tristran resolve

    Klexe - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Not what you'd like to hear , but RAW I'd say Tristan's resolve doesn't work at all against runic weapons, might be missing something though: < Tristan's resolve makes weapon enchantments unusable. Runic weapons follow the rules for enchanted weapons. But the DH rules don't state that weapon runes follow the rules of weapon enchantments. So RAW weapon runes aren't affected by Tristan's resolve. > I doubt this is on purpose though. I'll check with RT/RCT what to do. ” F…

  • KoE Tristran resolve

    Klexe - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Didnt found any answer really. But what about KoE Tristrans resolve making weapon enchantsment unusable and DH rune enchantments? As DH book all weapon runes form a one of a kind weapon. Does it destroy all enchantmants at once or only one at a time? @Eisenheinrich @Lagerlof

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “I'd say yes, all friendly units in the same combat gain +2 Armour. I don't know if that's on purpose though, I'll check. ” Any update? I can see it both ways. 1. It is a special rule called holy fervour. If you say the special rule gives +1 as then they wouldnt stack as per rulebook special rules with names dont stack 2. It is just an name and if Relic in combat ALL units in same combat get +1. Should stack imo

  • Quote from Duke Niemar: “Stop putting restrictions on items is a start too. For example: The only reason you took the +1 aegis armor was on a grail hippo lord since a 2+ rerollable doesn't help against artillery. But since it is no longer allowed that build has just gone poof. Perfect design. 10/10 ” Oh i remember this clearly... i was asked for feedback for that... i asap said: Will never be used if it is dominant. It was the time when BH were #1 army and everyone played tripple holy attacks cl…

  • The might Duke is a human powerlifter... Can do it once with high mass and then buff nothing else I do want a human Knight which can fight heroic... But every turn plz I am not so sure about one interaction Reading DH runes. What happens with tristran vs dwarfen runes weapon? Do I destroy everything or only one rune? I do hope everything and reading their rules they form a unique special combination. But they are still 3 different runes

  • Quote from Durin Eisenfuss: “Quote from Klexe: “Freitag kann ich ” Hast du Lust? Sag ne Zeit. ” Kann theoretisch ab 15.30

  • Freitag kann ich