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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Tournament win for EOS: Greetings, ladz Just want to share Tim Baexter´s list which he used with great success at our local tournament (24 players ), netting him 48 out of 60 possible points. As you´ll notice, it´s not the usual defensive/counter ETC list In the final game he even wrecked a shooting heavy VS army. 445 Marshall, General, Great Griffon, Lance, Shield Ghostly Guard, Winter cloak 415 Knight Commander, Young Griffon, Cavalry Pick, Shield, Basalt Inf., Dusk Forged, Titanic Might 295 M…

  • Great review, thanks for showing the true potential of the contrast colours. I´ll just want to add you can get similiar results with the transparent model colours of Vallejo or Aero professional of Schmincke, who all offer high pigmented washes to similiar results. Advantage GW: they have the broadest variety of colours. The others are slightly cheaper though. I´ll happily use all(or most) of them

  • Quote from Uthegen: “On a second thought it really would be a good option. I am off for some days now, but will try to make it afterwards. As the Auxiliary army books are most likely not affected by the balancing updates they should be quite "stable". ” Great news, I´ll wait eagerly Would make sense to publish them together since they are both warriors auxiliary books, while the cultist one is DL.

  • You probably answered that before, but I can´t find the corresponding post: Those Auxiliary army books for Makhar and Asklanders are not planned for amazon, right? Would be a must-buy for me without even owning WotdG models...

  • Right, all-cav seems dead right now, at least in the ETC team tournament environment. None takes the crown of autocracy on the prelate with altar any more, it´s all about divinations lore attribute I guess. No pegs and no dragons as before, apart from that a decent spread of units. @herrEckart 85 shots in one list seems record-breaking

  • That white coach needs to be painted to be a true black nightmare to the opponents Now seriously,I´ve been watching that channel from the start: it´s fun to watch and not only VC but also featuring an orc heavy greenskin crusade with all the fancy units we like to see(G-gantula, goblin kings, Iron orcs etc...)

  • Do you guys know if and when these miniatures will be released on the FF online shop or retailers?

  • The second One from the right, who is apparently the leader, reminds me of´s @Herminard going to war! Well deserved tribute

  • Awesome, a winter themed Empire force. Looking forward to the projekt progress .

  • Soulreaver and Chihammer Greetings, fellow Sonnstahlers I´d like you to try out the channel of "Eskahir Soulreaver", who is presenting his battles from the bird-eye perspective, with explanations and afterthought. He runs mainly WofdG, but also Empire. Especially interesting is an army list review he did for his EOS army with splendid pictures of the army: From the famous @Warboss Tooth we got a battle fo…

  • He used one of these boxed sets or both, not sure if there is more conversion than those GW shields: 9k=images The quality is great, I own the left box and also their war of the roses box and the mercenary one.

  • @Konrad von Richtmark is using these fine and affordable models from Perry Miniatures as his s&b guardsmen: srvay4c.jpg

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Halfling knights on foot, peasants levy and bowmen as well as some yeoman outriders: Sabre Miniatures ” First reaction: Dude, post that in the Empire forum where they belong since ever. Reaction after taking a look at the pics: Wow, they look 100 % equitannian Great find

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Scroll way down to "KICKSTARTER SECTION ACCESS" in blue text. ” While this works and I got the explanation, the backer No(#) is always mentioned and how crucial it is to include it in the order. My issue: I have no clue which backer number I am/have. It´s not included in any of my mails to/from shieldwolf. Is it hidden somewhere, does it appear when I offer some cheese?

  • Cheers, @Jaina welcome to Sunna´s Finest- but still using faith, steel and gunpowder

  • OK General chat

    greentide - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    It depends if they play shooting heavy with tons of redirectors/chaff(pyro works well here) or infantry or monster-heavy. The Rock Aurochs handle SA monsters pretty well if you get the charge also they grind down Saurian Warriors and those monstrous infantry decently. The quatl is always dangerous with enhanced magic we´ll suffer casualties anyways. If there is an opportunity to hunt him down, go for it. He gains you easily 900 points(bsb+general bonus) and you got rid of that dreadful magic pha…

  • Welcome, @break3roo every man is needed in the grind

  • Quote from Scorbol: “Hello, here is the list I used at two GT the past weeks in New Jersey and Toronto. ” Exciting army list. I´m surprised the two blocks of GW wielding guardsmen work without the arcane shield. You rely on getting some buffs through or losing some bodies but causing a lot of damage with those hatred filled S6 attacks I guess. Do you usually run them 5/6 wide with orders for attacking from 3 ranks or even horde formation?

  • Quote from dan: “but after some experimenting I have some share-worthy results. Here's my second-ish attempt at the technique: ” While these models look nice and I can easily find shading and blending effects, the latter just don´t shine like on the pictures above(post 66 for example). But I´m not sure if it´s just about the angle/ light source during the photo?

  • While it´s difficult to call one army the best, there are definitely armies which are better suited for beginners than other armies. I wouldn´t start with VC for example unless I´d be ready for a rough ride. Don´t get me wrong, other armies still require a lot of finesse to win tournaments, but they are kinda more forgiving. OK and SA seem solid enough for that purpose, beeing easy to learn but hard to master. That´s still better than hard to learn and impossible to master though xp