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  • Quote from Kharneth: “But front facing, as long as the unit is in front facing, should change nothing. If not, for example, you can argue that the character lose parry if have it, when engaged in a duel and not in the front rank, and I think it was never ruled this way ” Yeah, I know, and as I said, it makes perfect sense. Yet the rules simply don't specify either way (afaik).

  • Quote from Kharneth: “But before, other rules that said base contact, like volcanic embrace from Id, was ruled as enemy in duel is in base contact. ” And that is definitely the case, just as it is for e.g. stomp attacks. In these cases, it doesn't matter if the models are engaged in a specific facing - "generic" base contact is enough, so these rules will apply. For Hellfire, this is not the case, which is why I think RAW (and possibly RAI) it doesn't work.

  • Quote from Kharneth: “Quote from umbranar: “Hellfire reads: *The spell can target enemy units in base contact with the Caster’s Front Facing. So no? ” Sorcerer in a duel is considered btb, even it is on the second rank ” You could assume, if the enemy unit is engaged in the model's front facing, that the model in the duel also counts as engaged in the front facing. However, RAW, the rules don't specify if this is the case (unless I missed anything), so RAW I'd say it works only in physical base …

  • Duel Q

    Eisenheinrich - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Just their units.

  • Quote from Nasion "Demon": “Did we get any conclusion? ” Nope, it's being discussed . But for the time being, it works as I confirmed above.

  • Quote from Casas: “And regarding that same topic, @Eisenheinrich, random characteristics in page 15 says you should roll independently for each model, shouldn't it say each model part instead? Would be clarifying for this example of the chariots with two model parts with random attacks ” Yeah, you're right, "each model" isn't precise.

  • Quote from Pyrlouit: “Quote: “Non-Flying models in the army with Underground Ambush and/or Light Troops lose these Model Rules (andcannot gain them in any way). ” Hello, For terracota army : so It's allowed to take an unit with Banner of the Entombed ? ” Yes, you can take the banner, but the banner will not have any effect.

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Loooci: “Does Tristan also work against Manifestations from DL? ” Without checking I'm pretty sure they do not count as Weapon Enchantments...? Seeming Deamons have no "weapons". ” Correct: < Daemonic Manifestations Daemon Legions armies possess their own version of Special Items called Daemonic Manifestations. They follow the rules for Special Items, with the exception that they are not One of a Kind and that models cannot be affected by more than one instance o…

  • Lagerlof is right, all weapon runes on the targeted weapon are deactivated.

  • Quote from jhell: “Hi, In a combat where multiple units with unstable are involved, if they lose the Combat, how are the lost health points attributed between them? Thanks ” Say you have 3 unstable units involved in that combat, and your side loses the combat by 5, then each of the 3 units will lose 5 health points.

  • Battle Focus and Feral Orc Bows

    Eisenheinrich - - Archive


    Quote from Shlagrabak: “@Eisenheinrich is this accurate? ” Most of it . Melee Attacks -> Special Attacks Something like "the model's melee attacks become toxic attacks" would not turn e.g. its impact hits into toxic attacks. For that, the model's special attacks would have to be explicitely mentioned, like "all the model's melee attacks, including its special attacks, become toxic attacks". There aren't a lot of those in the game that I can think of, e.g. Supernal. Ranged Attacks -> Spells Same …

  • Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Looked through this thread, couldn't find it. Will Wildfire Burst remove cover given by other, interfering unit? This weapon has Shots 4, Str 4, AP 1, and always hits on 3+. Attacks made with this weapon become Flaming Attacks and Magical Attacks. A unit that is hit by these attacks loses Soft Cover until the end of the Player Turn(if it had it). If the enemy unit was in Hard Cover, it is now considered to be in Soft Cover until the end of the Player Turn. ” Yes. It doe…

  • Quote from Phaeoron: “Sorry if it's been asked before, but is there any point in taking obsidian rock AND aether icon on my BSB? It says "a model in the unit", not "another model", when describing the sitch when you get MR +1. ” Obsidian rock and aether icon will result in MR (3).

  • Quote from Hellin: “Can necromantic staff use both 18" inch version and 6 aura ? Or only the latter? The wording is «may»... ” Only the 6" aura. "May/can cast X as a Bound Spell" is the standard wording we use for this kind of effect (see for instance HE drain magic, DL third eye, EoS arcane engine, etc.).

  • Quote from walmar: “Can it just use the BW at the start of the initiative step, resolve its effects and then allocate the remaining attacks or does the unit have to declare its normal attacks without knowing the results of the BW usage? ” The latter: < 21.H.a.1 Breath Attack (X) (...) • As a Special Attack when Engaged in Combat: the attack is made at the model part’s Agility. Declare that you are using the Breath Attack at the start of the Initiative Step (before rolling to hit), and choose a u…

  • Quote from krzechu: “Quote from Exalted Champion: “Quote from Nasion "Demon": “Quote from Kharneth: “A very improbable situation that comes to my mind. Unit with a battleshirne and a character/champion Character/champion is in a duel with an enemy lone character. In magic phase, shrine cast hellfire on enemy character, killing it. Shrine got +1 CR due to thropy rack? Seems like wording condition for thropy rack to work is enemy being in duel, but not necessarily to the thropy model that kill him…

  • Quote from Spanners: “A Brace of Ogre Pistols counts as paired weapons, and therefore can be enchanted with Touch of Greatness if I am reading correctly. ” You missed this one : < 22.A.a Weapon Enchantments • Each Weapon Enchantment applies to a specific weapon (e.g. a Great Weapon) or a category of weapons (e.g. Close Combat Weapons). Note that Shooting Weapons that count as a Close Combat Weapon in close combat (such as a Brace of Pistols from the Empire of Sonnstahl Army Book) cannot normally…

  • Quote from Klexe: “Any update? ” We don't know if it's intended or not, but the rules are clear (as in friendly units gain +1 Armour for each reliquary engaged in the same combat), so this won't be touched at this point.

  • Not what you'd like to hear , but RAW I'd say Tristan's resolve doesn't work at all against runic weapons, might be missing something though: < Tristan's resolve makes weapon enchantments unusable. Runic weapons follow the rules for enchanted weapons. But the DH rules don't state that weapon runes follow the rules of weapon enchantments. So RAW weapon runes aren't affected by Tristan's resolve. > I doubt this is on purpose though. I'll check with RT/RCT what to do. Edit: all weapon runes are dea…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “So would that be ok to have : ” As far as I can tell this wouldn't change the rules.