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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • ETC 2019 UD Lists

    Giladis - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from Caraxes: “Also what are the ESC lists? ” They will be known only after the event. Because this year we will be bringing lists directly to the ESC. I plan to use the same list for some additional prep games and to be fully warmed up for the ETC. Quote from umbranar: “Well I think UD wouldn't be used for stop bullets if they are trully OP. In that case they should rake in the points for the teams. ” Not really. Getting 17+ in a game is not that easy no matter how good an army is. But us…

  • A little reminder from the early days of the project. Names of our factions are from human perspective translated into english from the human languages of the T9A. The Dread Elves call themselves (Hidden Content) But rest assured the LAB team will do its best to bring to life the psychological aspects of DE warmaking.

  • Quote from jaith1: “Basalt Infusion is the most popular item to give a fighty general an extra pip of armor save... ” Why on earth would you send your Dragon against one of the few things in the enemy army that can actually consistently damage it? Especially if you know of that particular piece of equipment.

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from Giladis: “OotFH Master with Essence and Hero's Heart PW + what else you fancy ” Yema Dragon with Familiar, Moraec and Occultism, thank you. ” Definitely a contender.

  • I thought the HE have the best Dragon Combo in the game atm. OotFH Master with Essence and Hero's Heart PW + what else you fancy MoCT BSB (multiple set ups)

  • The playable factions in the T9A setting represent cultural groups. While some of these cultural groups are further represented by their most prominent nation or state.

  • Quote from Calisson: “For Dwarves, there is no racial or political difference between DH and ID. The difference between DH and ID is most importantly religious, i.e. whether they use runes or magic. Anything else is cultural. Hence our Kegiz Gavem is to be considered ID, rather than DH as we did. ” Quote from Calisson: “For Humans, there is no racial or religious difference. The difference between EoS, KoE, WDG, Åskland and Makhar is most importantly technology and war tactics. ” You are making …

  • Quote from BondageGoatZombie: “Do the HE allow humans/other humanoids to enter their island? ” This has been answered in the Scroll already since we get PoV material of imperial envoy going about Celeda Ablan

  • This design guidleline was made ensuring it is compatible with DE background. The LAB team is given this document by the RT while the BGT provides the internal Wiki documents. Considering the format and style of these wiki articles they are not for public ditribution. When the DE LAB team starts their work we will strive to provide sneek peaks with accompanying background flavour pieces in the appropriate format and style.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “I see a problem with high volume potentially leading to gunline play. A bolt thrower with 36" range that moves and shoots with a -1 penalty still has the problem of avoidance because 36" is still enough to back up from approaching chargers. ” At this point I do not presume to guess what the exact ranges of weapons will be, or that volume would be allowed alongside mobility.

  • Quote from Calisson: “Quote from DarkSky: “Me too, but the Guidelines mention the Dread Reaper as stationary again. Maybe this could be a point where the ADT will be willing to pivot? ” Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Calisson: “I'd be happy to trade less range for more mobility. ” Or more volume. ” Could the LAB team have the freedom to chose between giving the Dread Reaper more volume or more mobility as a trade off for range? ” This will depend on the final Design Guidelines. Based on what I …

  • Quote from Calisson: “Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from Aglion: “Yeah I also hope that the ''DE should not be good at long range with shooting'' doesn't impact our dread reapers. ” I will most likely do. One thing they seem to be looking at is to reduce the range to 36'' and offset it with something else. At least that was in Ninth Scroll (#3 I think). ” I'd be happy to trade less range for more mobility. ” Or more volume.

  • Bulgaria also has SM.

  • Thanks. Completely slipped my mind.

  • What is 50x150?

  • I don't expect Shabti Archers to increase in price. Chariots might. Hourglass I don't count as character setup to me is less important than which characters I include. As for price decrease I will not be surprised to see Pharaoh and Harbinger becoming cheaper. As well as archers andpotentially TA upgrade on Skeletons.

  • Thanks @IHDarklord Indeed the list is very robust. It is very similar to what I took to Croatian Masters last september adjusted for increased cost on Shabties and Scorpions. I expect over the list to become cheaper by the end of the year.

  • We shure do have plabs for mortal Vampire followers as to what they will be and hiw they will differ from bloodline to bloodline is yet to be seen. As far fantasy version of Tzigani in the T9A setting are concerend there hasn't been any definitive conclusions though there have been some opinions our world halflings could take that niche and inspiration. Finally Zagvozd is a south slavic slightly antiquated equivalent of Transylvania and we thought it fitting as a name for a land closely associat…

  • There you go (Hidden Content) In total there will be 29 UD, 4 Pharaohs, 1 Terracotta Army at the ETC.

  • Through a string of curious events I am taking The Terracotta Army to both ESC and ETC this year. The exact list when ETC rosters become public.