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  • Quote from Dopey: “Squirrelloid’s breakdown is pretty compelling. Visually, I absolutely agree that DE models are usually on the protected side, some selections very much so with edgy plate. And yes, if you list the factions according to some armour example minimums, DE should be able to sit in the middle of the pack by these criteria. Is 4+ so threatening to design & balance as it stands? ” You should post this in the guidelines feedback thread!!

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Quote from Squirrelloid: “Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Like, y'all are not making an argument for elves getting plate; you're making an argument for deleting the line about "elves have high quality armour". Elves don't archetypally clank around in heavy armour. That's dwarves and human knights (/evil human knights). So either embrace "elves get bonuses other than their armour being plate" or lobby to have that changed to "elves don't believe in armour, often choosing to go…

  • @arwaker Quote from xaby86: “LR is one of the rules that bother me the most when I play against DE and at the beginning I didn't like it at all, I wanted it to go away, but I have already assimilated it. I think Distracting is too OP for them, but I understand that they die like flies so I would do a Distracting light, and the closest thing is Parry. I think this looks good because there are very few units with this rule among the elves, only characters, 2 units of DE (spearless warriors and yol…

  • Guys really enough with the LR talk. As I now said several times there is another thread where you can talk about. Dan you can also ask there whatever you like. You now have an answer there’s no need to discuss in detail if it should be asked here. You can discuss this ofcourse in any other thread or via pm. You’ve been an ACS yourself I’m sure you can understand this. Again thread rules are feedback on the design guidelines. @xaby86 please move your post to the Brainstorming Thread. In case you…

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    noir - - Dread Elves (DE)


    At the very least current dwarves really can be an uphill battle for us. Proper gunlines definitely can smash us.

  • Guys you are again derailing this thread. It’s gonna be a horrible task for @GSbasic and @KiRaHyuU to collect feedback here if 4 of 5 posts im this Thread are concentrating on design specifics. @DanT there is no plan to get rid of lightning reflexes. And even if - this does not affect the guidelines you are supposed to give feedback on. @arwaker you can surely brainstorm design ideas but please do it in the design ideas brainstorm thread. This here is not the place. As I said please abide by the…

  • Quote from Ozzy666: “Quote from noir: “What playstyle do you guys want to play? ” I vote for:MSU / MMU / Cav MSU Monster Mash Mixed arms As far as Avoidance is concerned isn't it required for MSU/MMU? It's been said that with that playstyle you need to 'pick your fights' - isn't that kinda synonymous with Avoidance? Unless by "Avoidance" you mean "Avoidance & Shooting" - I assume that being the most NPE thing it's a complete no go in T9A? BTW What does Flying Circus mean in T9A? Is it possible t…

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from noir: “Maybe you have some as well? ” I downloaded the guidelines to my computer last week, but I'm rammed with work.It is slowly working its way up my to do list. Is there a deadline? ” no unfortunately its not quite clear yet when the feedback phase will end. My guess is surely 2 weeks. however as you can imagine this is totally not in my hands. so could be talking complete trash Edit: would be super interested in your feedback though!!

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from Marchosias: “I haven't read the last few pages (you write to fast! ), so sorry if I repeat something that has already been closed. In the guidelines, I miss a general description of the DE military doctrine. Where do they think they have advantages and how do they want to leverage them, where do they feel they lack and how do they compensate. As an example, from the ID guidelines I remember that ID are very confident and therefore don't feel in a haste since victory …

  • Let’s not make this into a rant again guys. Constructive feedback is what was asked for. What playstyle do you guys want to play? Here just a couple of examples to get the ball rolling: Msu Mmu Deathstar Gunline Avoidance Heavy cav Cav MSU Monster mash Flying circus Mixed arms Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    noir - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Peacemaker: “@noir Congrats! Are you permanent on the ADT or are you just on it for the Dread Elves portion and then returning to ACS? ” I’ll be an ADT member permanently! However obviously I’ll still be around to poke you when needed :p

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    noir - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Hey guys, as you’ve probably noticed I recently joined the Army Design Team. I hope to be able to contribute to our new army book as well as I contributed in my old task as ACS if not more. Unfortunately it is not possible to be ACS and ADT at the same time so I have to step down. I felt always very honoured to be your ACS and I am very proud of what we together as a community we’re able to achieve in the last updates and how well it was to work with you guys after the civil war of 1.3 aka cultg…

  • Quote from umbranar: “Would love to see tactical superiority while the stats remain within elven limits. Formations has been suggestion in the past and I think would be a blast. Might also lay some groundwork for EoS (why re-invent the wheel?) ” Eos is more of a horde army. I don’t think that there should be major similarities/ can be without one army being defunct.

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from noir: “Atm it’s important to know if you are okay with the envisioned playstyles for dread elves ” I already gave my feedback, but I try to be extra extra extra precise, luckily…Quote from CariadocThorne: “I think what a lot of people here are getting at is that the army needs to be able to spend a few turns maneuvering to set up good charges with multiple units, not just rush forward and charge as soon as possible to get through the shooting etc. ” @CariadocThorn…

  • Yeah clearly this is not the intended playstyle and with that not the most viable one. However I don’t expect that builds like this won’t be possible anymore. However I can’t promise anything obviously. But I’ll keep an eye on it, alright?

  • Quote from Aglion: “@noir I'm talking about the avoidance/shooting and finaly charge during the last turns style. It's somehow a part of the DNA of the army, even if not under control can be too strong. I think that the actual possibities of doing it are fine because it is not possible to make a full army like this as you need scoring unit. ” And you think right at the Moment avoidance is possible??

  • Quote from Aglion: “I keep strongly support the raiders playstyle based high mobility, a decent shooting. This is what most of our cavalry are made for. It perfectly reflect the ''pirates'' ''raiders'' style. So yeah it is very strong and has already be nerfed but keep in mind that with objectives you still need scoring units. ” I don’t fully understand your sentiment here. Could you maybe rephrase your post or summarize what you mean?

  • Okay guys I know this is hard but please stop designing rules // go into details. I know it’s some kind of related and only the guidelines are a bit abstract but it gives us a hard time for collecting the feedback and I can’t possibly read every rule you start to suggest nor translate it into feedback on the guideline. @DarkSky and @Squirrelloid did a good job there. Please try to do it in a similar way. Also if questions come up please just ask your ACS (that’d be me, kirahyuu and gsbasic) if w…

  • @setrius @ferda your Stance on the matter?

  • Okay guys. Question: what playstyle do you think the guidelines support? What playstyle would you like to play? And what playstyles should it support?