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  • A. Game Level Design Guidelines(Hidden Content) B.1 Army Composition(Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) B.1.3 Eliteness and overall in-game feeling (Hidden Content) B.2 Special Deployment (Hidden Content) B.3 Movement(Hidden Content) B.4 Leadership (Hidden Content) B.5 Magic (Hidden Content) B.6 Shooting (Hidden Content) B.7 Close Combat (Hidden Content) B.8 Defensive Capabilities (Hidden Content) B.9 Chaff (Hidden Content) B.10 Synergies (Hidden Content) C. DE Intra Army Level 1 - sub-factions(Hi…

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    @DanT I liked the excuse the KoE board gave you. You are just better than everyone else.

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  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Quote from echoCTRL: “They take up Special points and no one uses them. ” Two units are auto include in my lists, and many other players use them. If yer going to use hyperbole use it correctly. ” They are a great unit, the point was that Klexe was describing this unit almost exactly.

  • So, we have 10 man bowmen units with Skirmish and Scout right now. They take up Special points and no one uses them. The unit entries for peasants are not bad, they just don't have any means of doing high end damage. So currently you need knights to deal damage, and because knights are so expensive you don't have points for all of the support pieces Peasants need. For peasants to really work, you need a combination of Bowmen, Levies, and Trebuchets. If we find a way to lower the cost of knights,…

  • I was wondering, why wouldnt a Men-at-Arms unit also use Stakes?

  • Well, thinking of how to make peasants a little more appealing, and make up for losing the current Blessing. Providence Models from the Kingdom of Equitaine Army always successfully Save a Wound on a natural roll of '6' for Armour Saves, even when modifiers to the roll would make success impossible.

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from echoCTRL: “@DanT I dont think it is really rrasonable to judge peasant's playability on a percentage of use... ” I agree.I wasn't the one who proposed it. I merely queried the target %. ” You were definitly right to ask the question too. I had a feeling we'd have a similar point of view on the subject.

  • @DanT I dont think it is really rrasonable to judge peasant's playability on a percentage of use, because I believe there is a natural bias for KoE players to play all Knights as long as all Knights is equivalently powerful as mixed arms. I do think it is important for mixed arms to be as strong a playstyle for KoE as an all Cavalry list, and I think our peasants needs some tweaks to their options and equipment.

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “I still don't see... the use behind this conclave. ” Well, you wanted a battle damsel who is good at boosting peasants. This does that for 400 points. You get a 3 wound, 2 Attack, Offense 4, Defense 4, Strength 4, AP 1, Agility 4 Paired Weapons Wizard Adept on a Pegasus, +2 other models. and, it doesn't take up any character points. Also According to Klexe, it should also get Vanguard! which would be pretty special.

  • I put it together into a Homebrew. There is a lot of trickle down effects. This helps.

  • Well, without the 5++ they should be able to be 3 Att and 2 Wounds for 100 points or less.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “So we're paying for a "potential" stat.. like +1 strength or attack that we'll likely usually not get when it's relevant? ” Well, if currently we pay 6 ppm for the current Blessing, this we might pay 1 ppm.

  • I should also note for you that there is a 2 dice minimum for spells. So we cannot make it so that the spell can be reliably cast on 1 dice. so 5+ is the minimum casting value, and we likely cannot build in more bonuses to casting value unless we increase the base casting value. This way the lowest is 5 with +1 to the casting role for Wizard Master or 5+ with the Book of Arcane Power. Those are the upper limits for us. For example I couldn't make the spell a 4+. And, I couldn't make it so that w…

  • Well the goal would 280 points for 6 HP before taking the Unit Champion. And, no Vanguard (that remains the Heavy Pegs niche) So, standard peg profile. Light Armour, Paired Weapons, and Elite Knight Profile for stats equal to a Questing Knights. 1 Attack, 4 WS, 4 Str, AP 1, and Agility 4. Already have Skirmish and Hard Target (1). Leaves them as 4+/6++, Res 4, Flying Unit with Hard Target (1). So current Pegs are 120.3333 points with Loose formation for the first 3 and 102 for additional. Subtra…

  • I think i should say that it would be better if the spell either enacted a flat value, or keyed off of a value on the units profile as I have done above. Otherwise there is way too much book keeping. @Klexe I think you are wanting to have Healing Waters from druidism stack with this spell. Healing Waters provides a Fortitude Save.

  • What if Grail Oath character and Champion are automatically able to cast the spell? (Wizard Apprentice for Grail Oath and Wizard Conclave option for Grail Unit)?

  • People have liked the idea of trading Magic Dice for increased Blessing. The downside of that is it requires a new type of book keeping and equates to having a 5++ where ever it is needed most. The current Blessing is an Invisible Bonus that cannot be modeled. So the idea above resolves both those issues by using the magic system. The spell would be repeatable so it can be cast multiple times. Because so many magic dice would be getting used, I have it also effecting Magic Resistance in order to…

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Also, in KoE the Damsel gets to sit in second rank while a wizard conclave champ is in the front. ” Well, I relent. The question of what spells you all like best is still open though. However, I remember guys that adding another Magic Path is a background decision. I would rather work based off of what we have now instead of what Magic Paths we wished we had. So far we have Divination: Know Thine Enemy, The Stars Align, and Scrying Druidism: Healing Waters, Summer's Growt…

  • Had an Idea. What if KoE had the following as an Hereditary spell to replace the regular Blessing. Spell Name: The Blessing Casting Value: 6+ Type: Augment; Repeatable Range: 18" Aura Duration: One Turn Target gains Aegis (X) and Magic Resistance (X), where X is the Blessed characteristic value written on the unit profile. And, the following Special Rules. Prayer Before rolling for the first turn (at the beginning of step 7 of the Deployment PhaseSequence), decide if the Kingdom of Equitaine arm…