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  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    AlFiKa - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Great pose for a Standard bearaer or BSB conversion. With a head swap it works well for Doomlord with trophy rack in WDG as well.

  • Scourge is not working

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from Kim7791: “May I suggest something ? In the scourge's rules, it's written that each time, the scourge gains a health point, it looses one attack. The problem is that that the scourge can't gain health point. Therefore, here's my idea: "The Scourge is always removed after the combat score has been calculated. Each time, the scourge kills an enemy, on a 5+, he gains one HP. This gain always occurs after the combat score has been calculated but before removing the scourge. This gain is in…

  • There has not been any disssion in that regard as far as I know, for DL its a design feature more as to put the book futher apart from the rest, as daemons should be much more alien to the normal things like mundane gear, and magical items, we had a similar discussion regarding command groups but as they would fill pritty much the same function they where kept as is as it is easy to imagine daemons having leaders of difrent kinds doing diffrent tasks within the sub groups.

  • The biggest gain I see from it is that you can convert in software instead of on sculpts, as in you can costom much more for each indivudal piece or make converting parts on a printer. But I still think we have some years to go before we reach that level where it becomes "easy" for most users, atm it is not overly complicated but require more timeand money then most are willing to spend compared to buy cast models.

  • OK lets clear some things up as there are some mixed up things here. Devour on Maw is Maws own attacks, Mirrored Scales is Causing Opponent to hit themselvs so no interaction. Reroll 1s comes from Dominion of Gluttony but this also only affect Maws own attacks so no interaction wiht Mirrored Scales. So as a conlsusion regarding Mirrored Scales, no Auguments/Hexes you have on your carrier will carry over to the Mirrored Scales Hits, but any Auguments/Hexes the opponent striking against the Mirror…

  • most likely as they are heavily tied to characters and IMO it is charactets we should focus on now + those issues that might couse trouble or see no play during the spring/summer tournament season.

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “I think that there might be a problem with the grasping proboscis for 1ppm on hounds aswell Thats really strong since hounds are quite popular atm. ” Is it a problem beacuse hounds are popular or beacuse its a to strong combo? I can agree that the pricing looks vierd on it but the old version was pretty much never played and Grasping does not add much for the hounds themselves so you give up a slot for improving the Hounds for strenghtning the magic phase, and many you …

  • Quote from john doc: “does bronze backbone affect mounts? ” Yes whole model.

  • DL 2.2 Beta Download

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    looks like the file is the right one but that the filename is wrong here:

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from Giladis: “Because balance wise it would bring back the same problem that was the objected feature of Scourge in 1.3.4. and that it killed most those intended to fight it before they got to strike even once. ” Thats a pity, balance is brought up when limiting his capabilities.But balance isnt a priority when there is an attempt to help him overcome his weaknesses. Armour? No. Some sort of magic defence? No. Increased Aegis? No (dunno why). This talk goes on from be…

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “Feeling kinda bad and ungrateful for lifting the lid on my frustration jar yesterday. Just wanted to make sure that @IoRi78 @AlFiKa @nightwun @skipschnit @Just_Flo and the project knows that I am grateful. Just kinda wanted to know what the communities options were to affect the book moving onwards. Cheers. ” Atm I don´t know as I don´t know how big a scope or waht direction RT will give us for the next update. The last one was a mostly done to secure things in place as…

  • DL FAB 2.1 Discussion

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from IoRi78: “and yet the army overperform. so evidently is not a problem for the game. as long as data are positive we can not redo things, only modify them to minimal extend to adjuste them ” I would probably not put it so blunt but it is one way of looking at it and some do. I would rather say that data collection for most units was to small, both in time and amount. Also some units have been in the shadow of other units popularity, Horders vs Bloat Flies is one example, it is mostly a …

  • DL FAB 2.1 Discussion

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from rolan: “Mesmerizing Plumage why? there was no problem with it, there will be no problem now, but why change something that causes no problems when there are things left that would need looking at? ” It had an odd problem that a unit that was not in base contact with wiht the manifestation carrier was still effected by it, to change the effect around to be affecting enemy units in base contact instead of all freindly modesl in the same combat you get away from that and change the chrac…

  • Good work, but you seem to not have been given the latest internal changes in DL: Tar Skin changes name to Mirrored Scales (you got the changes of the Manifestion right) Thresher ENginess upgrades Legion and Hordes new rules name is not Unnatural Gravity but Colossal Stature. Grasping Proboscis grants D3 veil tokens and not one.

  • Yeah and make sure people can make a diffrence from units on same base sizes like Succubies / Myrmidons and Fiends / Hoarders for example.

  • No problem really if it is build for dameons, a clubmate has a Tree themed Daemon army. But it was easier using the old bok wiht 4 diffrent monothiest, a bit harder today or of you played polothiest in the old book as to differnent things from each other.

  • I expect an increase in Feldrak uses going forward as the last update was quite keen to them overall, it will take time for most players to gather new unit if they have not used them before. For top combative players this is usually not a problem as they often borrow models, units or whole armies to get what is needed for the scene at the time being.

  • Quote from agilis: “So yes, most OP? ” probebly not as to be effective they also gives up their point, so compared to other units that can rush trough another unit without taking a dent they never reach that point efficiency as some other units can achieve.

  • Quote from agilis: “Change my mind. ” I could probably quote 20 different post by us in DL TT that says we will change them, how much at a first step will to a big degree depend on the DATA collected and analysed from the tournaments the past month including WTC this weekend.

  • Quote from Inn0c: “How can Icon get 7 hits? You cant boost it, so it will always be 2D3 ” They refer to the suggested 2D6 toxic attacks by wastleandwarrior.