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  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    duxbuse - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Parry and shield wall is incredible. As is the hold stone. Really negates a lot of our bonuses. Genuinely have trouble wining combat against dwarfs, even at full strength. Near impossible after bombers, flame cannons, organ guns, catapults, 3 breath weapons and crossbows.

  • Shadow tactics: After the unit has made a shooting attack, you may split the unit in half, once per game. Creating 2 separate independent units. Each half must also make an advance move in opposite directions. Note this may be used in a stand and shoot reaction. If used during a stand and shoot the enemy must charge at the closer of the 2 units.

  • I feel the guidelines don't really play to the terror campaign from the shadows feel that I would like to see. I don't really think the academy theme is aligned with that fluff. Eos is an academy theme of standing out in the open with ya mates. For me dread elves are more misdirection, not allowing the enemy to get a clear view of size, numbers, strength, direction. For me the inspiration is very much the sith from starwars. Manipulation and subterfuge, followed by excessive concentrated force. …

  • following thoughts before: Repeater Auxiliaries Shrieker bolts: If the number of successful hits + enemy ranks + enemy files is 15 or more then the enemy unit loses 1 rank of supporting attacks. Until the end of the next player turn This rule can effect the same unit multiple times. For example 32 spearmen in line formation can be affected up to 3 times. Not quite as good as disabling supporting attacks all together. But now multiple units firing at the same target can each disable an additional…

  • I think being a teams tournament makes a huge difference. Generally speaking VC is brought to a teams environment as a defensive list. Or maybe up to an all rounder list. Other armies are chosen to be offensive. So I'm not surprised, that there are no dragons or banshees. Like wise for botd as that's a much more aggressive play style. I am a little surprised that independent was chosen over nosferatu. But this just says to me that with nosferatu you become to heavily invested in magic. Plus the …

  • Quote from Eol: “please include a medusa priest option ” This is what a cult priest should look like.

  • I dislike the concept of limited special deployment. I think dread elves interact a lot with shadows and having misdirection and special deployment be cornerstones to the armies identity.

  • I see auxiliaries as the name suggests as support units that can clear chaff. The reason for multi shot weak weapons over stronger weapons is they cause more terror to the enemy, not necessarily wounds. They can be used to distract the enemy whilst the elite soldiers close the distance. I could even see a cool "blot out the sun" rule fitting thematically. But I do not see large blocks of these repeaters laying down the kind of firepower required to destroy the enemy.

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    duxbuse - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from noir: “I disagree I must say. I think the Offensive Potential of TG is superb.i really wouldn’t say that DJs are better or with banner of gar daecos if everything its the other way around. ” TG are great with gar daecos. The second unit of TG are meh. You can run multiple units of DJ's with no dramas.

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    duxbuse - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Zambro: “But the more I read your statement and the more I think about it, they do not "look almost like the same thing with different weapon options". They have different stats, and different special rules that give them different roles. ” I agree but the situations where TG are amazing and judges are bad is very narrow. Where as the reverse is not true. S6 ap3 lethal strike is basically universally good.

  • 1. Tower guard. Very difficult to make any use of body guard. Being t3 elves with no defence, you either win before the enemy strikes, or you get blended. 2. Dread knights. I love the rules think they are very fluffy, but I just don't think they are very good. M7 means they are as slow as you can get for cav. But to compensate they don't get and solid defensive gear, no 1+ save. Have decent output on the charge, but due to their speed difficult to achieve. I actually think this is more of a pric…

  • Quote from ferda: “Tellthat to 10+ blades desd from spiked shields each round ” well that's one of the worst possible matchups. Switch blades for spearmen with academy banner and its now a breeze. 32 nabh spearmen with death trance probably take about 12 - 15 warriors off before they attack. And you lose like 1-2 spearmen from spiked shields.

  • A choppy list, like my mono nabh cult army basically gets free wins from warriors. I find that we elves are just choppier than warriors.

  • The Savage Arts of Playtrolling

    duxbuse - - User Blogs


    #ratemybattleline ++ Dread Elves (Dread Elves 2.0) [4,499pts] ++ + Characters + Captain [480pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Lance, Repeater Crossbow (2+), Shield . Fleet Commander . Pegasus . Special Equipment: Midnight Cloak Cult Priest [585pts]: Army General, Divine Altar, Shield . Cult of Nabh . Special Equipment: Alchemist's Alloy Oracle [245pts]: Alchemy, Special Equipment, Wizard Adept + Core + Corsairs [390pts]: 16x Corsair, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer, Vanguard . Banner E…

  • Quote from trulyelse: “Anybody have experience with the Commandment-Zombie combo? Having a cheap block of very easily recovered 1/6/3/0/1 bodies definitely feels cheeky, though you're very vulnerable to duels (as far as vampires can be vulnerable, at least) ... Curious to hear if anyone finds it workable. ” Its more, that you are spending over 1000 points and you want to run the zombies 5 wide most likely. So you only get 9 attacks plus the vampire. Zombie a only do 2 wounds to t4. So you are re…

  • I think it can do well versus msu. But I think you'll have trouble against 3 threat lists. I would drop some chaff to beef up your threats. Cause currently you can't kill any unit over 15 man. I'd drop the knights and vampire spawn for a huge unit of either spawn or winged reapers. So that all your chaff is backed with the threat of counter charge. At the moment I don't care if you could term charge with 3 knights its not enough, the knights will just crumble after combat. But I do think the mas…

  • barrow guard are good on the grind. That means they need to last. I find 25 or less likely to vanish in 1 round. 600 points of dread judges against sword and board barrow guard kill around 15 before you swing. You 10 attacks back kill like 6. So you probably crumble another 9 ish. So to have any left after 1 round you need at least 24 but even then you need lots of raising to prevent losing the following round. So yeah 30 ish is a good point. There isn't a lot going to do more damage than a unit…

  • Quote from Lich King: “What do you think about the Colossal ZD, guys? Is it worth the upgrade. I'm struggeling with its massive base to be honest. ” Extra armour is good against div magic. Ds5 with distracting means you get hit on 5's Extra base size let's your magic auras get more range. Also big enough to screen shrieking horror and or wraiths. Probably not worth 100 points

  • Quote from Claudi Pallares: “Quote from Wesser: “This guy sits with a skelly block that sits at a nice +8 CR initially, while being able to support 18 with his BsB ability ” can you explain better this sentence, please? ” You get 3 points from having 3 ranks, and extra 1 from the unit having the legion banner an extra 1 from having a standard, an extra 1 from the bsb, another one from the bsb also having the legion banner and then the last one from being vonk bloodline. Totals 8 combat resolutio…

  • yeah 15 man barrow guard units are quite different from 15 man iron orc units. No war cry, no born to fight, no OS 5, no weapon master. You do get crumble and rise value and can only march in generals bubble and lethal strike. But is it likely that after crumble not many are left. Buuuut, it is something that might work. I think key parts are need 18" march bubble for sure. And likely the same for bsb. To make sure that there is some left over to heal back up. Black standard can help friendly un…