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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “I’m excited, lots to learn ” I've been using an FDM printers, but yeah, every print seems to require different settings to come out the way you want. I do a lot of trial and error to get what looks the best... the good news is that once you figure out the exact settings for a print its entirely repeatable. I'll see you in a couple days and we can compare notes haha

  • Here is my Dais lord <a href=25951-cb082f8d-large.jpeg"> <a href=25969-d2803862-large.jpeg"> I kit bashed some raging heroes stuff.. cuz well i need 4 arms for my theme haha .. and the floating look helps it read as a dark prelate. Excited about using him in a tournament this weekend... have a couple days to paint him lol i might eventually add a couple models to the base or on the dais to represent the extra attacks...

  • yes! hadnt thought of double Zealot... how about triple zealot with paired weapons lol

  • cool... i have a dais Prelate lord in the list im taking to a tournament next week.. he is gonna pal around with a war spear giant and some barbarians though..

  • looks great! I have had some good luck with the warshrines

  • Quote from Eldan: “So, should I continue with this? Was this more or less what you wanted? Just as a warning, the scrolls will be sorted very quickly,they only have a few pages of background each. Daemon legions, after I had translated it, filled almost a hundred pages in word, just the background. Sorting through every page of that and finding out which factions have background in there will take ages. So, I'd rather not do this all alone. ” Thanks ! Thats really helpful.. I meant to create a t…

  • Quote from Calisson: “Quote from Frumious: “that would require some coordination with the background team on agreeing to a set of outcomes.. is that possible? ” Nobody from BGT has time to dedicate at the moment.What can be done instead is to create some Homebrew campaign, and I would check internal background threads and make sure it does not contradict it. ” i wasnt asking BGT to do anything other then agree that a result from the homebrew global would get incorporated in something... so the g…

  • Ill support and try to contribute to whatever comes together... But i do feel so strongly that a very tight scope ( specific races have specific goals), while great for like a supplement, would have a hard time attracting a lot pf people to a global campaign. IMHO Something with broad strokes and factions that lets people choose which army they can play and for what end are more likely to get a lot of participation. I think most people are just not vested in the 9th back ground, and this could l…

  • The new Website Layout is great! I really like the Faction breakdown and I want to incorporate that into a handout to give to people who wander by our gaming table.... Does anyone remember where that Intro to 9th age pdf was posted? I downloaded it, and am adding a few things to it and would like to get back to the original author to see if he wants to incorporate it. thanks!

  • Infernal Zoo VIII 4500 points Davis, Ca

  • NA Masters Website and Calendar

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    We have the North American 9th Age Masters Website back up and running Here: The is an embedded calendar of events that we have started to populate, but please have a looksy and submit any events you know of (or correct the ones I messed up!)

  • West Coast USA Happenings

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    Here are some upcoming events on the West Coast Southern California SoCal Joust, July 20-21 Upper Oregon, Lower Washington OFCC, August 17-18 Northen CA Infernal Zoo, Oct 5,6 Arizona Tides of War And don’t forget the PacRim team tournament in December! December 7-8 And our Golden Throne Challenge is Shaping up Nicely this Year: Golden Throne Cheers, Alex

  • The Zoo is Back in 2019!Oct 5-6th in Downtown Davis.We are the longest running Fantasy Tournament on the West Coast and a guaranteed good time! If you haven’t been following 9th age, 2.0 has gone gold , and we are seeing a strong growing player base. The Venue last year was great so we are gonna go with the same one.Which caps us out at 40. This year it’s quite possible we will sell out, so head on over the website, register, and pay to get your spot locked and loaded. Tourna…

  • Event Location: USA, Davis, California Event Name: Infernal Zoo VII Date of Event: Oct 5-6, 2019 Army Size (points): 4500 Final Registration Date: October List Due Date: September 20 (penalty After Where to Register: Special Contact Info: Tournament Organizer ID: Frumious

  • well i meant with some description on where and what things are. Im sure some people know what all that stuff is, but its kinda of overwhelming to new people. Like if you ask someone about lord of the rings and you reply “ its all on the internet”... it helps to give some guidance. Ill take a stab at compiling things, but ill probably need help, like im not sure what is in each scroll so ill have to go through them one by one...

  • Can we get a sticky thread in this form with links to all the published background, right now i think we have some in a previous edition of the full rule book, various legendary army books, and various 9th age scrolls... anywhere else? Is the wiki official? people ask me how to get at this sometimes and i really struggle to figure it out, not to mention i would like to catch up sometimes too.. Also, can the background team provide an update on whats coming next? preview or teaser? I think people…

  • I will chime in that i think factions are the way to go to, though i still think you can drive the Narrative the way you want be having characters in specific races in specific factions. So i suggest distilling it down into 3 factions. Antagonists: Goal is to disrupt the world order, say be unleashing some long buried artifact... So using Lord Drakons initial premise his narrative will initially be driven by a Pharough and Demon Lord.. with rampaging hordes Protagonists: Armies/nations looking t…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “The Fandom Wiki is not snippets. And the GW fluff is as fresh as the LotR fluff or the Elder Scrolls fluff, meaning, it is irrelevant. ” thanks for the link to the wiki, i had no idea it was there! I would love their to be a background sub fotum, with permalinks to published background... and would be a place where the background team could post updates and users could post unofficial stories.. i suppose there would need to be a clear distinction about what is official and n…

  • Adam painting stuff

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    that looks amazing... great find on the head!