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  • Quote from Darock: “Never understood why people want that. I won´t pay 50 points to strike for 2 (max.3) attacks with a Bonus. After that someone will just kill the champ and all the points are lost. Maybe as a One time Chance to hurt an opponents character? Maybe for that small extra first hit damage? But I think I can spend the points better elsewhere. ” Its gimmicky, its fluffy and its cool. That 1/10th time where you punk a steam tank will be golden.

  • All things wargaming

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    Where is the chariot from?

  • 2 shots for reavers is a good idea.

  • The Von Karlsteins

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    Quote from Kapten Kluns: “Is it freehand? ” yep. Well 3 of them used to have embossed skulls so I green stuffed a circle on top instead of cutting off the skull. So while I didnt free hand 3 of the circles, I green stuffed them.

  • The Von Karlsteins

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    Got round to updating the shields on my knights to be in line wit the inverted pentagram banner. Pic is blurry but I promise it Looks much better than before. DjEvIQk.jpg

  • Quote from Laurfelt: “ ” Quote from Laurfelt: “ If a wizard suffers the 'Possession' result while inside a unit of RnF, what happens if the wizard leaves? Also, if the wizard suffers from this result while outside a unit, what happens if he joins a unit? I'm mainly thinking about the discipline modifier. ” The negative discipline follows the character. So the character and their unit suffer the negative discipline. If the character leaves the unit, the unit returns to their regular discipline. I…

  • Scenario Pack now available:…0Scenario%20Pack.pdf?dl=0

  • Some of these new druid looking models are really good. @Little Joe perhaps for the BH/Wotdg library? SMJNjYy.jpg 1VnsMZx.jpg

  • Quote from Dekadenz: “Quote from JimMorr: “And you got the exact position before Sea Guard was in place: they reached their destination only after being removed from the table to perform after combat reform if I read the situation correctly. ” Just mark position of SG and Scorpion remove Scorpion since he will be dead after the charge and do the reform with the SG to see where they will be and then move Reaver so it works.Mark the position of SG after reform and put SG and Scorpion back on their…

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from JimMorr: “At the same time it reduces immersion of our game to non-existent level. Chess have more immersion as a battle simulation than this. This is pure meta-gaming benefiting from base sizes and edge cases. On this level I hate it. ” No, it does not. It is a parallel plane of experience, thats it. You imagine your glittering host taking on the bloodfrenzied horde and at the same time carefully check angles and millimetres.Some good 10 years ago or more, when t…

  • Quote from Koller: “Quote from Herminard: “Warboss Tooth for compensating for a useless list by bringing a 100 feet distracting aura that he clearly did not reference in his list ” Say what? Quote from Herminard: “Now ask me about another scandal - ETC was a gold mine. ” Is there some "scandals" you have not mentioned yet? ” One further Scandal. At said bar which @Herminard mentioned I was serving at. Prices were increased because I was too lazy to count out monopoly money at peak times. If anyo…

  • This is gold.

  • Shame about all the bad blood over toy soliders. But thanks @Furion for some really interesting insights. Looking forward to hearing more about how your games went. Did you cast any magic on the seaguard to ensure they won combat should the shabti go in?

  • Our first prize support for Nørdcon: Tabletop 2019 has arrived! @ROTTEN_FACTORY have been kind enough to sponsor us with some fantastic rotten miniatures. These will be used as part of the Best Painted in Faction prizes we are hoping to give out. If you think you have the best painted army in your faction, make sure to sign up for Nørdcon on the 12th - 13th of October! uweb9qt.jpg

  • Sign up list in origional post. Its not 100% up to date. If your name is missing, let me know.

  • Swamp- and half-things

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    Where can i see pics from etc?

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “Now that I'm tied for 2nd best HbE at ETC, and at an average positive score (albeit a modest 11), does my opinion that elves are generally fine start to count for something or...? Side info, i got 49 pts in 4 games I actually played (12 avg), and 17 across two games with agreed results. ” Pretty sure I read it as 3rd place HE player on the weighted leader board

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “I was contemplating going back to using a dragon, after @Henrypmiller 's reports I'm not so sure... ” You put the D on the chopping block every game.

  • Massive props to @Furion for the 100! My games - team ireland. NB had a combined 6hours of sleep over the weekend and every day a hangover. Tak from thadt what you like Game 1 - Germany DE banners. Hardish matchup. I made a mistake with poitioning my ryma knights which allowed him to move his dragon within range of my dragon turn 2. He then one shotted it with grave calls. At this point i was under a lot of pressure from his bolt throwers and was just trying to conserve points. 18-2. Probably di…

  • As you say, they have a roll. Cheapish core and shooting unit that can be a safe bunker and powerful when buffed by magic. Doesnt need to change in my opinion. Maybe a couple of points cheaper base/or ppm. Just to incentivise them as a choice.