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  • My army : WDG Oppo army : OG Score : 9-11 MVP: Sloth warriors brick LVP: Doombus Should have won that one, I did not succeed to catch a single fleeing unit ... Including the opponent deathstar fleeing 3 times... Still struggling with the Hellmaw but things are going better, I believe I could have locked the game for a 10-10 (maybe 11-9) but we both wanted to play it. My army : WDG Oppo army : HBE Score : 16-4 MVP: Forsworns LVP: Fallen Won big on that one, pretty sure I can make it 20-0 if we pl…

  • 3 small games for me last week-end at a local tournament: 3k games, warband rules, here was my list: 555 - Doomlord, General, Trophy rack, Spiked shield, Great weapon, Dusk Forged, Gladiator’s Spirit. 360 – 10 Warriors, Kuulima, Musician, Champion, Halberd. 260 - 10 Warriors, Cibaresh, Champion. 558 - 1x6 Forsworns, FCG, Spiked shield, Banner of Speed. 400 – 2x Chimera 460 – Feldraks Elder, Paired Weapon. 400 - 1 Forsaken One Game 1 vs VS: My Army : WDG Opponent's Army: VS Score : 20-0 MVP : Doo…

  • Feigned flight: are you allowed to perform a march move after rallying ? rule says you can reform and that it does not prevent you from moving.. so I"d say you are able to march (it is not a swift reform right?) Seems legit to me...

  • ETC 2019 Lists

    Rothulf - - ETC


    Quote from DanT: “I counted 75 instances of div in 288 lists. ” And 15 out of those are Vermin Daemons

  • I think it would be better to dedicate a post to the analysis of those lists. Feel free to go on on that subject here.

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  • Thank to @umbranar ! You did a great job and I'll use your stats to give my own personal feedback on the lists. I'll also try to centralize the feedback from our community. Characters and Items Ok here we are, 26 WDG players at the ETC, wow ! That gives us something to study and will more then probably help for the next price updates. The characters are mainly well dispatched: - 16 Chosen Lords, most mounted (War Dais mainly, some steeds too), the only one left has Wings. Common gear for those i…

  • Hello guys ! As most of you do know, ETC lists are available ! I think that we could dedicate a post to those! Feel free to give your feedback here, I'll try to make some stats out of those lists but I'm afraid I wont be able to before end of the week.

  • Quote from umbranar: “Imho, the book just needs a proper redesign process in the item department, not for power but some uniqueness and interesting stuff, units are great though just some price adjustments are required. ” Exactly what I believe. If I had to make a list of wishes on some changes, I'd put one or 2 units in it (Wretched and Behemot I believe) and the whole special item department.

  • About the orb.. I do believe the old design was quite expensive... see it as a bet you place to get something... The price was high for a 50% reward probability. Losing 55 points seem decent, but you also lost an artefact slot... and those are precious in our army, especially if you go the EH way (was common before). Other items are nice but I still believe some could have been options to characters, in order to allow us 1 or 2 more weapons. We only have few weapons options for a melee designed …

  • Rerolling that test with -2135423541 would not help ...

  • Quote from TheBloodyLance: “Wasn't the break test reroll just moved from the hellforged armour to path of the exiled? Seems to me that they still reroll break tests. ” You're right.... and so is @Happy Aspid ! If you take damnation you lose path of the exiled, and then you do not reroll breaktests anymore.

  • Your Army: WDG Opponents army: WDG Score: 16-4 MVP: Feldraks LVP: n/a Your army: WDG Opponent army: DH Score: 4-16 Mvp : Forsaken One Lvp : Feldraks Your army: WDG Opponent army: VS Score : 17-3 Mvp: DL & Forsworns Lvp : n/a Your army : WDG Opponent army : SA Score : 10-10 Mvp : fallen Lvp : me (huge turn 1 mistake... I should have scored big on this) Your army : WDG Opponent army : DH Score : 15-5 Mvp : Forsaken ones Lvp : Feldraks My list: Doomlord, General,Trophy rack, Spiked shield, Burning …

  • @Zamo & @DanT Please chill a little... Remember this is a forum, and that many of us are not using their common language. I think you are both willing to defend the army, so ... no reason to fight

  • Quote from namadeva: “Interesting. I saw on the forum that we can submit our own AB*. And it may serve as inspiration for official AB. Would that work for the WDG if I submitted my flavor of the AB before gold ? ” Ideas are always interesting... Might be a little late this time tough...

  • Quote from Galharen: “Can anyone explain how is it possible, that chaos dragon can walk faster than HbE dragon is flying and is still significantly cheaper? I'm just curious... ” Maybe because the Chaos dragon gives less bonuses to the rider? Resilience 3 on the elf character , WDG lords are already at 5, sorcerers at 4. They already pay for some resilience in the profile, not in the mount cost.

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “Do i miss something or is your WTC list illegal? Doomlord with GW and SoS shouldnt work, right? ” Exactly like @Kathal said... Some last minute trouble after my commotion last week... fast copy paste of the wrong lord ^^. I still do hope I'll be able to fix it, otherwise... well we'll see (and I might see more games ^^).

  • 2 games at team training: Your Army: WoDG Opponents army: VC Score: 20-0 MVP: Doomlord LVP: Feldraks Your Army: WoDG Opponents army: HBE Score: 20-0 MVP: Doomlord LVP: Feldraks I like the Feldraks, but they just do not do enough for their cost... I also need to improve the way I use them.

  • I need to follow this one, great paint job ! I might contact you to have some feedback on colour choices