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  • Quote from matrim: “Is it possible to get an artefact like BH, VS to mitigate against first turn enemy shooting?? ” The theft of other artifacts is fluffy..

  • These are just stats, take what you want from them, i am just here to do numbers not present arguments: Team Results: 1. Germany - DE - Henrik "Groudon" Suhr 81/120 2. Spain - DE - Jorge "Orombi" Garcia 55/120 3. Swiss - DE - Cocofreeze 82/120 4. Poland - DE - Tomasz "Laik" Gegotek - 59/120 7. Russia - DE - Aleksey "Akniles" Slinka - 91/120 9. Belgium - DE - Smith F - 88/120 13. USA - DE - Jake Murphy - 38/120 15. Denmark - DE - Jakob Nygren - 56/120 16. Mexico - DE - Charly Romero - 65/120 21. …

  • Also, regarding assassins and the idea of duels... When you’re forced to accept a challenge that you have no odds of winning there’s no “honour” at all. When a dragon rider gets singled out by a Champion we know that’s an exploit and not really “honourable combat”. So let’s first agree that a duel has nothing to do with honour, and the assassin forcing someone to have to fight them in a duel - has nothing to do with bravery, chivalry or bravado. The assassin has simply caught its “prey” with the…

  • I mean, I’ve sorta in the past laid out how I think the three races can sort out their monsters and have some individual design space. Obviously this would mean HE get the most ridden monsters, SE get independent monsters and DE get ones that need to be “controlled” which I know a lot of people see this as detrimental but again it’s all about the pts

  • Probably an unmounted version would be a big leap but I know most of you are touchy about that subject - cause it’d needed to be babysitted and what not plus foot characters are no good etc etc.

  • Hi guys, please again keep feedback in feedback thread and ideas in the idea thread... I don’t want to go all “noir” on your posts

  • @duxbuse so you want Mage Blight Gremlins sorta deployment?

  • Just summarising, at the end of the day we want assassins to be good at killing characters. Hence, making them be able to refuse challenges would solve this no? Or simply making sure that their challenges are always accepted.

  • So I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t fully read every word @Masamune88 has said. But what I can basically take away from it is, if DE is meant to be a glass cannon army don’t keep asking for less glass, ask for more cannon.

  • Quote from matrim: “D10 system would solve the issue as we could have greater variation on the to hit, to wound and to save rolls. ” I don’t want to buy new dice And that probably becomes a new barrier to entry as I’ve never met someone that was introduced to 9th through UB.

  • I’d sadly have to agree, I feel our ability shouldn’t be about more spells but what spells we do cast do more damage.

  • Just gonna be throw my two cents into the ring because I’m here anyways. So should Elves in general share some common rule, can’t say why not? Orcs in different books share a common rule much like giants do too. Should we diversify Elves into and peg them into different play styles to have three different armies. The answer is sure, no one can disagree but what does that actually means, it’s still after all about Ranks and Files. We all eventually end up forming battlelines - it’s essentially th…

  • Thinks he’s just lumped in the -1 to dispel as a +1. But yes does raise a point that Book of Arcane Mastery would be out of the question for us

  • Oh you want it on top....sorry that makes a lot more sense!

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Also had an idea to buff that magic casting which fits our debuff theme. A great way to encourage this is that all DE get +1 to cast for Hexes. This fits great when you think about it. And when you go look at Hexes, alot of them do damage so it checks all the boxes. Could also be extended to +1 to cast for magic missiles as well. Although I checked and all the Missile spells are also hexes. ” Isn’t that basically worse than what we have right now. Cause it only benefits H…

  • Lols what am I doing here...? Anyhows, yes there were some ripples of possible changes into LR for DE but no it will not be implemented due to as you can expect a lot of work in re-balancing. I can’t say if DE will be discussed in the context of possible changes or whether the book will be designed in preparation of changes.

  • Quote from xaby86: “I think the cults could have a mechanics similar to the Grudges DH. Well, I'm going to digress a bit with the explanation, this can be lengthened. We can suppose that the units are by default of the "cult" Academy but by their affinity they have the option of being of another cult, this can be of one or more cults, depending on their style. Well, if you include a cult priest, after deployment you can make 3 of your units of your choice lose their affiliation to the Academy an…

  • C.1 Cults Most players are not happy with the Cults and these grievances range from a variety of factors. Most are also upset that the Cult Priest is under represented in the book - should not just be a model that just mounts an Altar. There needs to be more options as well as more depth for this character. One of such ideas to add depth, is allow the yema priest to have the option to take the form of a medusa. Most players are also against having four Cults present in the army and want to reduc…

  • The first draft has been completed regarding feedback, if anyone has an strong opinions regarding Cults now is your last chance, or possible last chance

  • Quote from youngseward: “Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Quote from youngseward: “The Mexican ETC representative certainly put this scrub in his place! 20-0 loss and it was basically decided after T1 (with one merc vet alive at the end of my charge phase) ” What...? ” Yeaahhh. Very shooty DE that I didn’t know how to combat. The merc vets werent helped by the fact I let through reroll to wound fron ranged to stop grave calls, then let grave calls go as Yungpabby dolled quadruple 4 and I felt it would be b…