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  • Quote from Giladis: “That was never finalised even though background has a rough in world hierarchy. When it will be relevant BGT and RT will talk with the eventual KoE LAB TT. But overall Grail Knights are better than normal humans which would put then roughly on terms with Elves and Dwarves in the grand scheme of things. Definitely not among Vampires and Chosen Lords. ” Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Sir_Sully: “This worries me. That says to me that "Equitaine is a nation built on personal he…

  • Quote from Kertak: “Hi Leute. Mir ist etwas passiert was mir sonst noch nie passiert ist. Ich meine ich habe vor längeren ein Spiel für heute ausgemacht in mir aber nicht gleich eingetragen. (Ich finde noch nicht mal mehr wo das steht, also vielleicht irre ich mich auch?) Mit jemanden von euch vielleicht? Danke!! ” Mmh Morgen ist stammtisch. Heute spielen Hajo und ich Wolf und noch jmd glaube du spielst 17:30 gegen Wolf oder?

  • I think for us the time of driving is almost the same @Just_Flo In fact it is shorter while beeing +150km Edit Oh Mmh had an error. It is 1.5 hours longer

  • Points wouldn't change anything and if we start changing rules then we can also make a completely new weapon or Virtue and don't need to "nerf" one

  • Uragh..... I totally forgot about the army library and at this point I don't even know what it was again. Will try to squeeze in some updates to the foot Duke

  • I would only give the might on pegasus TP. Not the horse. No one complains about the horse

  • Xxcoincoincxx and me don't really care either way. But this sounds really awesome

  • Fireforge Games support 9th Age

    Klexe - - Company Showcase


    BTW thanks fireforge. Got my package and I am absolutely stunned. High quality. Stunning figures

  • Quote from SirVelinn: “Any chance we can get Tristan on a Bastar Sword? wouldnt mind using Tristan duke again inside a Lance. At least he is one of the best tanks arounds. If we could give him a Bastard sword he would be able to deal some descent dmg too. ” Funny I had this idea too last year..... I don't know Last year I had the gut feeling all our weapons were bad expect divine... This year I have the math. The question is how much can we change, what can we change, what will the team change?

  • Oh and then you need to deal 3 dmg or else he will get the HP back easily

  • Quote from SirVelinn: “@Just_Flo Sincerely I disagree. I am just trying to show you, which I hope you see where I a trying to get. That the might duke..isnt by far an autowin button. You need to nerf if. Fair enough, but dont sell it as if he doesnt have counters coz he does have. @Sir_Sully If klexe would crack some stats on this. We would all see that he doesnt kill every Monster 99.99%, I guess you exagerated. As we all know that any 4++ Ward save..kill any stat. even a 5++, + not failing the…

  • Oh BTW don't worry almost everyone (I didn't asked everyone duh) or let's say everyone I spoke to agreed that Every KoE hero is too weak expect the might Duke. My dream would be to have One Damsel master cheapish 1 paladin cheapish 3 dukes with different virtues semi expensive or 2 dukes very expensive (already possible with hippo so) If we get enough drops and make lists playable where every Lance has a Duke inside? That would spike the power level quite high

  • I really don't fear alchemy since molten copper got changed at has a S value now. With a 4++ we are quite decent. On avg we will lose one Modell but we have a big chance he wiffs it with d3 on speer and even only 1 wound on. Copper. Even then... Have fun shooting at hard target and splitting your shots at the pegasus Duke... Most WM hit on 6+...

  • Quote from Marcos24: “@Klexe fireforge are making Byzantine cavalry, they just finished their light/medium cavalry with bows and lances ” Can't wait for heavy cataphracts then one of my favourite units

  • Love them! I really would love to see a byzantinische KoE army. BTW guys I just got my fireforge packages. 18 Cavalry, 30 bows, 48 infantry and 4 heroes for 105€... Awesome quality Zero molds Only cleaning needed are thanks to my old bad equipment. Round and normal bases Heroic figures Can only say they are awesome

  • Well does it matter? 46wounds is the max with mount.... Just think about that... This guy has the option to remove your whole army... An typical KoE Cavalry army has around 35 knights....

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Also look at the potential and not average. How many other characters can THEORETICALLY do 120 wounds on charge? (I think that's possible atleast) The odds are of course more or less 0 % for that to happen, but still. I don't mind the model when he's alone, very high risk high reward. But in a unit of Pegs, unstoppable. KoE needs some fixing, that's for sure. In a Vacuum the Might Peg lord might be the strongest unit in the entire game. Most other killy characters have weak…

  • It is more funny that he says that I don't value facts.... I am "Mr weird math".... Some years ago where I was not part of the team people could see from internal sheets, which the current KoE acs presented, that these were my thoughts. I did more then once math hammer the whole book. I dare to say I am the most active person in this whole forum from a reading / writing point of view.... So Dont tell me I don't listen to facts.... I did give you facts which you ignored and your "facts" well I us…

  • Quote from Babnik Kalenina: “Anyway, at the end, KOE is the least played army in the biggest 9th age event and all rosters are more or less the same (except Lubart's) So there is a problem somewhere... And I don't think the Duke is the problem but what can be fielded around him. Or simply, all other have the potential to score more points with less gaming skills! We should be proud to play KoE! Just like DE back in 6th edition when I was used to enjoy playing druchiis! ” Nothing I can disagree t…

  • The KoE lord does on avg 3.78 wounds vs R6... He does worse case then 7.5 dmg... And one shots ANY R6 monster it is not 90%+ before generating new attack It is 99,99% that he one shots it... Best enemy is tree lord and stank or Id tank. Tree Lord we do on avg 8.4 wounds Stank we do on avg 11.25 Id tank we do on avg 13 wounds.... How about a demon lord with 4+ ward omen? We do avg 7.6 wounds... You want to know the best character vs might? It is a black Knight Duke from KoE... But not Duell as he…