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  • Quote from PhiloeBeddoe: “Hi Couldnt find this under ”charge” or ”warmachines”: Can a warmachine make a chargemove? Thanks ” Literaly the first sentence under war machine description: "... The model cannot Pursue (which does not prevent it from being affected by Random Movement), declare Charges, or declare Flee Charge Reactions."

  • Thyroscutus - the last Call

    Ciara - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Not to mention scoring single model, or stubborn core etc is pure fantasy and it just wont happen no matter what.

  • ETC 2019 Lists

    Ciara - - ETC


    I agree on that matter with Klexe. Changes to magic to nerf UD when divination itself is not the problem is not the way.

  • Quote from Ace Thackeray: “i see 2 shabti less in the charge, not 4 less. Why was 4 then? ” 4 shabtis less in total of both units since now if bigger unit charge second one wont make it to the front.

  • I wouldnt say m4 infantry striking last is viable option to catch/kill lone monsters or characters, even with swift and reroll 1 on charge.

  • Quote from WarX: “Quote from Inquisitor Zorn: “Is it possible to put "rending banner" on a unit which stacks with runesmith and spears? ” Charging King's Guard unit with Runic Smith and Rending Banner has AP 6 Largest value amongst units not having Toxic or 'magical' AP 10... ” I know its spam and flexing but what about ogre mercenary? Heh.

  • Pray to the gods and you gonna make it every time.

  • @Kopistar already done Quote from msu117: “TourneyKeeper is missing data and has incorrect army listings. This is correct matching Mater Lists pdf to TourneyKeeper scores. 10 HBE Players. 54.5 average. Removing 1st and 10th 52.37. Removing 1st 49.33 * Poland * 7th * 6-0-0 * 101 * * Ireland * 102 * 4-2-0 * 66 * * Bulgaria * 103 * 2-2-2 * 66 * * Argentina * 138 * 4-2-0 * 61 * * Austria * 199 * 2-3-1 * 50 * * Luxembourg * 229 * 1-4-1 * 46 * * Belgium * 236 * 0-3-3 * 45 * * Turkey * 242 * 2-4-0 * 43…

  • ETC Ongoing Results

    Ciara - - ETC


    The army info is missing because its not mandatory and people just didnt write it up. But i think someone will get army for every player (by comparing names in etc list and tk results for example) to get clear view. 53/288 armies are missing, thats less than 20%.

  • How to deal with ambushers. Maybe dont? Your machines are dirty cheap, its not a big loss and ambushing armies tend to be cc oriented so in theory you wont have good targets by turn 3?

  • ETC2019 - SE lists

    Ciara - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    Feels bad man.

  • Haha, and i was super curious and excited about it. Daym.

  • ESC

    Ciara - - ETC


    Is there any possibility to get lists? Interested especialy in Victor Manuel Gil Rocha list.

  • Quote from berti: “Hellmaw teleportation should be a little bit harder to get out of the maws again. Putting a part of the unit inside the 3" and march move away from the marker is way to easy to use. And makes it impossible for the oponent to block the marker. Unit should come back in BASE contact to the marker with it´s backside (moving out of it). So some counterplay to the marker teleport would be possible and the price of hellmaw could be decreased a bit. ” I would not call placing unit big…

  • I dunno, going full monsters, cowboys and still include bsb/strong magic can be seen as problem aka herohammer.

  • Quote from Feaynnewedd: “How about a rule "Truly Ancient: In case of a duel, the HBE player may choose to direct the AD's attacks directly into the unit instead of the opponent of the duel" This rule could be mitigated somewhat by the addition of "in this case, the Prince uses its own defensive profile instead of the Dragons. If this causes the Prince's HP drop to 0, remove the entire model." or something(Hidden Content) Thus, ridiculous things like getting stuck in some small steadfast unit whe…

  • Well, if you roll above average then maybe you kill it on the charge (average 1,75W on charge). Otherwise imo its bad combat for them. Even worse if against kin eater.

  • You mean core 5 common boys?