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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Fireforge Games support 9th Age

    Bugman - - Company Showcase


    Any chance horses are released separately? Thanks

  • Old Maurader / GW looking dwarfs

  • @Ludaman Could you do a complete sides shot to show height and length of horse vs GW? Somehow I need fireforge to see me just the horse sprue lol

  • [Veil of the Ages] Kickstarter

    Bugman - - Company Showcase


    You haven’t done anything wrong, just asking if you had contacted Calisson to make sure it’s included in the supporting companies news

  • [Veil of the Ages] Kickstarter

    Bugman - - Company Showcase


    Have you informed Calisson via the usual path? This would get it out in the proper manner without seeming unfair to all the other brilliant projects out there

  • There is also only so many units you can fit on a table and still do what they should do If you want lots of units, play 10mm version

  • Is wargaming sustainable?

    Bugman - - For Beginners


    I recycle all my spare paper and plastic sprues. TBH my wargaming is probably the most environmentally friendly one I have.

  • Name T9A Mascot Poll!

    Bugman - - General Discussion


    Hello Community!, Hopefully you have seen our news article here So, T9A needs help naming its lovable mascot and its sidekick! His picture is below!…e2f28cb0d3af76dcac2f0de78 We have a selection of names (along with a story for each) for you, the community to decide upon! How do we need to call the Goblin mascot and his pet? Fozale and Nofozale "The little goblin didn't seem to speak much of any civilised tongue. He introduced himself and his wares with a sweeping …

  • Good Evening All, Respectively, please return to the discussion of HbE Hassling of other forum members in any manner will not be tolerated. For others, please ignore them, report the post, turn the other cheek and continuing discussing the topic at hand Thank you.

  • Models for the Dwarven Holds

    Bugman - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Quote from FlyingScanian: “Oathmark Heavy Dwarven Infantry is getting closer, for all your Deep Watch and Kingsguard needs AyzThpx.jpg I'm not sure two boxes (30 models each) will be enough for me... ” These look quite a bit bigger then GW warhammer dwarfs, correct?

  • Honestly, calcs are easy, you can program that into a spreadsheet in a day and are the least of your worries. Seriously code some AI first tonunderstand the gravity of what you think you can do.…s-guide-to-game-ai-r4942/ You would be better looking at what has been done for Star wars to be played solo. Sure it ain’t exciting but it presents a good challenge and you would be better off adapting this IMHO.

  • Quote from Auto2: “Just an update to this: I have started some basic work on 9th age mechanics. However it seems that several other people are already doing something. Can we please get a list of what is already being done? So far I see: Clasher by @duxbuse Engine of Fate by ?? ... ? ” Both sites are just calculation sites which you could do in a spreadsheet

  • Probably worth reminding people that no further changes to army books will be done, only points adjustment unless you book is in BETA.

  • Quote from Auto2: “Quote from echoCTRL: “Meaning, initial play can take place with tokens and paper cut outs ” In the developed world (Europe, US, etc) I absolutely cannot see this happening, especially not with new players. Quote from echoCTRL: “initial barrier to entering the hobby though does benefit The 9th Age by being inexpensive ” The AoS starter set is €140 and people are presumably buying a lot of it. Warmachine starter set is $90:…ine-two-player-battle-bo…

  • I will continue to say this, the best, biggest and cheapest resource we have is YOU. YOU have the potential to make or break it in your community. The street ain’t lined with gold and you will probably have to do a lot of donkey work yourself, but preach and they will come!

  • Again I will note, we already have the biggest marketing tool going, YOU. People have to want to wargame yes, but clicks and adverts don’t really do this and I would wager that most advertising doesn’t work in the way it should and is incredibly oversold. Word of mouth and physical products being used by someone are and will always be, the best way. We are or here to make money, only to make a product that people enjoy and can use. If other people want to start companies and comply with licence,…

  • Actually we already have the greatest marketing tool you could ever want. You. Let’s be fair, if we ignore Kickstarter’s, how many games have you all started because your mate told you about them or you where shown it at your local club/store. I would guess the vast majority. Now it’s not easy to do this, because you have to provide materials, eg Rulebook, a few models, maybe even scenery and slowly build up a player base in your area. It’s tough, hard and not always successful. But if you reall…

  • @ninepaces Curious to know what you think el furion build is

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “Quote from Bugman: “@Fnarrr What’s your current HbE list looking like? Thanks ” Its kind of untested so does it matter? It will probably go over an iteration or two before my next event (which is mid April) ” Just asking we all know there are different ways to play the army depnding on whom commanding them

  • @Fnarrr What’s your current HbE list looking like? Thanks